Miscellaneous Items Sample Clauses

Miscellaneous Items. Borrower shall deliver to Lender such other items, documents and evidences pertaining to the Line of Credit as may reasonably be requested by Lender.
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Miscellaneous Items. State agencies may purchase incidental miscellaneous parts, accessories and labor that is directly related to a specific item(s) included on the Contract. The total cost for these miscellaneous items may not exceed $5,000.00 for an individual purchase order. If the Customer’s entity requires a lower threshold for competitive bidding other than $5,000.00, they must follow their local entity’s requirements. Any purchase order must be issued to the Contractor.
Miscellaneous Items. 1. No reprisals of any kind will be taken by the Board or the Administration against any aggrieved person, party of interest, members designated by the Association, or other participants in the grievance procedure for reason of such participation.
Miscellaneous Items. Assignment of this Agreement by Dealer without the prior written consent of CHUMS is void. The relationship between the Parties is that of independent contractors, and Dealer shall have no authority to bind CHUMS. The CHUMS Documents shall be governed by and interpreted under Colorado law without regard to that state’s conflicts of laws provisions, and all disputes shall be litigated as a bench trial in federal court in Salt Lake City, Utah or state court in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sections 1 through 9 of this Agreement survive its termination. The CHUMS Documents, as modified from time to time, constitute the entire understanding of the Parties and supersede all agreements and representations between the Parties, either oral or written, and are not subject to any rule of strict construction. In the event of any conflict between the CHUMS Policies and this Agreement, the CHUMS Policies will control. CHUMS’s interpretation of the CHUMS Documents governs. No failure by CHUMS to exercise any right(s) under the CHUMS Documents will constitute a waiver or limit any enforcement. Dealer agrees that CHUMS and the CHUMS Distributors may without liability cancel any pending orders (even if accepted) from Dealer and refuse to accept any new orders from Dealer. Each notice described in this Agreement must be in writing and is considered effective when received or refused (whether posted on a CHUMS website or sent via mail, email, courier, fax, bike messenger, or otherwise). Purchase order or other provisions from Dealer inconsistent with the CHUMS Documents are deemed stricken, unless expressly adopted in a written supplement signed by the Parties.
Miscellaneous Items. The Schedules attached hereto and marked with the letters ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’ shall form part of this Agreement.
Miscellaneous Items. 27.01 It shall be the obligation of employees to notify the Hospital of any change of address or telephone number. The Hospital shall be entitled to rely on the last address and telephone number furnished by the employee for all purposes.
Miscellaneous Items. 12.01 (a) When an employee's personal affairs make it desirable for them to be relieved temporarily of company duties, leave of absence without pay beyond the regular vacation to which an employee is entitled may be granted for good and sufficient reason. "Good and sufficient reason" as referred to herein shall be the subject of mutual agreement and shall not be established arbitrarily by either party.
Miscellaneous Items. Any other provisions are to be continued in the Local Provisions Appendix under L30. Insert in all Collective Agreements: See Local Provisions Appendix L30
Miscellaneous Items. A. GENERAL RETURN FACILITY GUIDELINE Any abuse of personnel or property at a GM authorized return facility by a Major Daily Rental Company representative will result in the immediate expulsion of said person from the GM authorized return facility.
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