Has an Interest definition

Has an Interest means that the Town employee or officer or his/her spouse, or their brothers, sisters, parents, children, grandchildren, or the spouse of any of them (a) is the applicant, or (b) is an officer, director, partner or employee of the applicant, or (c) legally or beneficially owns or controls stock of a corporate applicant or is a member of a partnership or association applicant, or (d) is a party to an agreement with such an applicant, express of implied, whereby he may receive any payment or other benefit, whether or not for services rendered, dependent or contingent upon the favorable the favorable approval of such application, petition, bid or request.
Has an Interest means that the Town employee or officer, or his/her spouse (a) is you; (b) is a family member of yours; (c) is an officer, director, partner, member, or employee of yours; (d) owns or controls more than 5% (five percent) of the stock in your company; or (e) will receive in any way a financial or material benefit if the Town approves this application.

Examples of Has an Interest in a sentence

  • Section IVLitigation in Which the United States Has an Interest 7–12.

  • DeLaney, Note, Appearance Matters: Why the State Has an Interest in Preventing the Appearance of Voting Fraud, 83 N.Y.U. L.

  • Candidate’s Use of Property In Which Spouse Has an Interest, 48 Fed.

  • The Governing Committee for the City or Department Head may issue supplementary directives applicable to specific departments.

  • She explains how Code §367(d) works and how the regulations have been revised recently to attack goodwill and going concern contribu- tions.○ What the I.R.S. Looks for When Deciding If a U.S. Shareholder Has an Interest in a C.F.C. Rusudan Shervashidze and Stanley C.


  • The President of the United States, Executive Order 13364 — Modifying the Protection Granted to the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Property in Which Iraq Has an Interest and Protecting the Central Bank of Iraq, 69 F.R. 70177, November 29, 2004.In September 2003, the G7 Finance Ministers called on the Paris Club “to make its best effort to complete the restructuring of Iraq’s debt before the end of 2004.”11 President Bush appointed James A.

  • Petition for Approval of a Settlement Where a Minor Has an Interest (a) A petition for settlement of a case in which a minor has an interest shall initially be filed with the Prothonotary, except in cases where the Orphan’s Court has jurisdiction.

  • See DOJ, OIP Guidance: Referrals, Consultations, and Coordination: Procedures for Processing Records when Another Agency or Entity Has an Interest in Them (2011).

  • The Debtor listed the Property on Schedule A (Real Property in Which the Debtor Has an Interest), with acurrent value of $150,000, and disclosed the Loan and outstanding balance on Schedule D (Creditors Holding Secured Claims).

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  • First Reset Date means the date specified in the relevant Final Terms or Pricing Supplement, as applicable;

  • First Reset Rate of Interest means, in respect of the First Reset Period and subject to Condition 5.2(b), the rate of interest determined by the Calculation Agent on the relevant Reset Determination Date as the sum of the Reference Rate and the First Margin;

  • Interest Option has the meaning given such term in Section 2.5(c).

  • Interest Commencement Date means the Issue Date of the Notes or such other date as may be specified as the Interest Commencement Date in the relevant Final Terms;

  • First Reset Period means the period from (and including) the First Reset Date until (but excluding) the Second Reset Date or, if no such Second Reset Date is specified in the applicable Final Terms, the Maturity Date;

  • Interest Reset Date means, with respect to any Interest Period with respect to the Floating Rate Notes, the first day of such Interest Period; provided that if any Interest Reset Date would otherwise be a day that is not a Business Day, that Interest Reset Date will be postponed to the next succeeding day that is a Business Day, except that if that Business Day falls in the next succeeding calendar month, such Interest Reset Date will be the immediately preceding Business Day.

  • Subsequent Reset Rate of Interest means, in respect of any Subsequent Reset Period and subject to Condition 4(b)(ii), the rate of interest determined by the Calculation Agent on the relevant Reset Determination Date as the sum of the relevant Mid-Swap Rate and the relevant Subsequent Margin.

  • Real-time means the actual time in which an event takes place, with the reporting on or the recording of the event simultaneous with its occurrence.

  • body in which the relevant person has a beneficial interest means a firm in which the relevant person is a partner or a body corporate of which the relevant person is a director, or in the securities of which the relevant person has a beneficial interest;

  • Near Real Time means that Qwest's OSS electronically receives a transaction from CLEC, automatically processes that transaction, returns the response to that transaction to CLEC in an automatic event driven manner (without manual intervention) via the interface for the OSS function in question. Except for the time it takes to send and receive the transaction between Qwest's and CLEC's OSS application, the processing time for Qwest's representatives should be the same as the processing time for CLEC's representatives. Current benchmarks using TCIF 98-006 averages between two (2) and four (4) seconds for the connection and an average transaction transmittal. The specific agreed metrics for Near Real Time transaction processing will be contained in the Performance Indicator Definitions (PIDs), where applicable. "Network Element" is a facility or equipment used in the provision of Telecommunications Service. It also includes features, functions, and capabilities that are provided by means of such facility or equipment, including subscriber numbers, databases, signaling systems, and information sufficient for Billing and collection or used in the transmission, routing, or other provision of a Telecommunications Service.

  • Interest when used with respect to an Original Issue Discount Security which by its terms bears interest only after Maturity, means interest payable after Maturity.

  • Simple interest means interest computed on the principal balance outstanding

  • Earned Interest means the interest and other income actually received or credited on the investment of the Escrowed Funds between the date hereof and the earlier to occur of the Acquisition Closing Date and the Termination Date.

  • Final Conversion Date means 5:00 p.m. in New York City, New York on the earlier to occur following the IPO of (i) the first Trading Day falling on or after the date on which the outstanding shares of Class B Common Stock represent less than ten percent (10%) of the aggregate number of shares of the then outstanding Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock, (ii) the tenth (10th) anniversary of the IPO or (iii) the date specified by affirmative vote of the holders of a majority of the outstanding shares of Class B Common Stock, voting as a single class.

  • Income interest means the right of an income beneficiary to receive all or part of net income, whether the terms of the trust require it to be distributed or authorize it to be distributed in the trustee's discretion.

  • Interest Portion means that portion of Trust Bond Loan Repayments payable by a Borrower under such Borrower’s Loan Agreement that is necessary to pay any such Borrower’s proportionate share of interest on the Bonds (i) as set forth in Exhibit A-2 of any such Loan Agreement under the column heading entitled “Interest”, or (ii) with respect to any prepayment or acceleration, as the case may be, of Trust Bond Loan Repayments in accordance with Section 3.07 or 5.03 of any such Loan Agreement, to accrue on any principal amount of Trust Bond Loan Repayments to the date of the redemption or acceleration, of the Bonds allocable to such prepaid or accelerated Trust Bond Loan Repayment.

  • SOFR Reset Date means each United States Government Securities Business Day during the relevant Interest Period, provided however that if both a SOFR Index Cessation Event and a SOFR Index Cessation Date have occurred, it shall mean: (i) in respect of the period from, and including, the first day of the Interest Period in which the SOFR Index Cessation Date falls (such Interest Period, the ‘Affected Interest Period’) to, but excluding the SOFR Index Cessation Date (such period, the ‘Partial SOFR Period’), each United States Government Securities Business Day during the Partial SOFR Period; (ii) in respect of the period from, and including, the SOFR Index Cessation Date to, but excluding, the Interest Payment Date in respect of the Affected Interest Period (such period, the ‘Partial Fallback Period’), each New York City Banking Day during the Partial Fallback Period; and (iii) in respect of each Interest Period subsequent to the Affected Interest Period, each New York City Banking Day during the relevant Interest Period; and

  • Capital Interest means the proportion that a Member's positive Capital Account bears to the aggregate positive Capital Accounts of all Members whose Capital Accounts have positive balances as may be adjusted from time to time.

  • Second Reset Date means the date specified as such in the Final Terms;

  • Interest Reset Period The period beginning on the applicable Reset Date and ending on the calendar day preceding the next Reset Date.

  • Floating home means a building on a float used in whole or in part for human habitation as a single-family dwelling, which is not designed for self-propulsion by mechanical means or for propulsion by means of wind, and which is on the property tax rolls of the county in which it is located.

  • Current Interest With respect to each Class of Certificates and any Distribution Date, the aggregate amount of interest accrued at the applicable Certificate Interest Rate during the related Accrual Period on the Class Principal Amount or Class Notional Amount, as applicable, of such Class prior to any distributions of principal, allocations of Realized Losses or allocations of Certificate Writedown Amounts prior to such Distribution Date.

  • Actual torso angle means the angle measured between a vertical line through the "H" point and the torso line using the back angle quadrant on the 3-D H machine. The actual torso angle corresponds theoretically to the design torso angle (for tolerances see paragraph 3.2.2. below):

  • Subsequent Reset Date means the date or dates specified in the applicable Final Terms;

  • Default Rate Interest is defined in Section 3.1(b)(ix) of this Agreement.

  • Class A Interest Each of the Class A-1 and Class A-2 Interests.