The Post Sample Clauses

The Post. Occupancy Work is the portion of Landlord’s Work that may be completed after the completion of Tenant Improvements and during Tenant’s initial occupancy of the Premises, provided that the Post-Occupancy Work shall not unreasonably disturb Tenant’s intended use of the Premises. Landlord acknowledges that although the Post-Occupancy Work is not required for Tenant’s legal occupancy of the Premises, it is essential for Tenant to utilize the Premises to the fullest extent as is intended by this Lease. As such, Landlord shall use commercially reasonable and diligent efforts to deliver the Post-Occupancy Work in a timely manner and by August 1, 2012, subject to extension for Force Majeure or Tenant delays. Completion dates shall be extended on account of delays in completion of the subject work caused by Tenant delays (but there shall be no Tenant delay for purposes of this Exhibit D unless Landlord notified Tenant of the act or omission causing the Tenant delay and Tenant did not cure the same within five (5) Business Days after receipt of such notice).Tenant and Landlord agree to cooperate to establish a detailed schedule for the Post-Occupancy Work. The Post-Occupancy Work includes, but is not limited to, the following:
The Post. 2.1. Your honorary job title is COVID-19 Response General Practitioner (“GP”), engaged by us to assist with the care of patients affected by COVID-19. You recognise that this is a temporary engagement in response to an urgent national healthcare need.
The Post. Closing Section 2.8 Escrow will be administered, and the Post-Closing Section 2.8 Funds will be held and disbursed, in accordance with the provisions of this Section 2.8 and the Post-Closing Escrow Agreement.
The Post s" Representative "A Notable Woman" p 13.
The Post. The panel may be used to fill temporary wholetime or part time positions that may arise due to maternity leave, sick leave or other projects that may arise.
The Post. A panel will be formed for an initial period of one year and this may be extended for a further year at the discretion of the Chief Executive. The panel may be used by Limerick City and County Council & Tipperary County Council to fill temporary positions that may arise for its duration. Vacancies will be offered in order of merit as per the panel.
The Post. Change Employer shall make the cash payments described in this Subsection 1c(i)(A) as a lump sum payment payable within thirty (30) calendar days after the date that Executive is Involuntarily Terminated, or, at Executive's written request delivered within fifteen (15) calendar days after the date Executive is Involuntarily Terminated, in twelve (12) equal and consecutive monthly installments with the first installment payable within thirty (30) calendar days after the date Executive is Involuntarily Terminated.
The Post. Board shall provide the United States with copies of all written policies, practices or procedures implemented pursuant to paragraph 11, above, within ten (10) days of the date upon which the policies, practices, and procedures are adopted.
The Post. Delivery Tranche A-1 may be drawn in one (1) Loan.
The Post. Shelley Case Law 7