Unit Employees Sample Clauses

Unit Employees. If a unit employee moves to a secretarial/clerical position with the Board that, but for its confidential nature would have been included in the unit, then upon the employee’s return to the unit the employee shall be considered to have had continuous service with the Board as a unit member for seniority purposes from the original date of hire as a unit member if service with the Board in a secretarial/clerical position was continuous as defined in the Definitions Section of this Agreement.
Unit Employees. Grant-funded employees who meet the definition of regular full-time or regular part-time employee in Section 1.5 of this Agreement shall be in the bargaining unit. These employees will receive all contractual benefits, except those benefits listed under Section 8.5, Reduction in Force, Supportive Professionals. A position is deemed a grant-funded position per the hiring documents.
Unit Employees. (a) Employees with more than one (1) year, but less than three (3) years of service on or before January 1st of any vacation year, shall receive six (6) duty days vacation.
Unit Employees. In addition, it may include not more than two (2) non-Employee representatives from the Lodge. The Lodge will furnish the Employer with a written list of the Bargaining Committee prior to the first bargaining meeting and substitution changes thereto, if necessary. Bargaining shall take place at mutually agreed upon times.
Unit Employees obtaining industry certification must retain a Successfully Meets or Exemplary Summary Rating on their annual Job Performance Evaluations, and sustain the Certification active and in good standing through completing required Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and abiding by established industry standards. Failure to retain Certification will result in the loss of this incentive.
Unit Employees except for Bus Operators and unit employees in the Police Department, may receive: Two (2) paid break-rest periods of fifteen (15) minutes each for each scheduled work day actually worked; and
Unit Employees. When an employee who is a member of one of the above bargaining units has worked and accumulated approved overtime hours (other than overtime hours relating to paid holidays), and elects the option of equivalent time off in lieu of payment for the overtime, the employee shall take the equivalent time off within two full pay periods following the completion of the overtime worked. NAME: NURSING UNIT: CLASSIFICATION: DATE OVERTIME WORKED: WORKED: Please attach approved overtime authorization to support the above. DATE LIEU TIME OFF TAKEN: NUMBER OF TAKEN:
Unit Employees. 29 The Employer recognizes that the integrity of the Bargaining Unit is of 30 significant concern to the Union. Bargaining Unit work shall, except as provided 31 below, be performed by Bargaining Unit employees. 33 The Employer shall not assign Bargaining Unit work to employees outside the 34 Bargaining Unit except in the case of a valid, documented temporary emergency, 35 or when a Bargaining Unit employee is not available to perform the work, but in no 36 event shall such assignment be made if the assignment has the effect of reducing 37 or eroding the Bargaining Unit. In those situations where it is determined that a 38 valid, documented temporary emergency exists, the Union and the Employer will 39 meet, at the Union’s request, to explain the resources exhausted, the decision to 40 use volunteers, and the expected duration of such use. In addition, the Employer 41 will meet at regular intervals, not more frequently than monthly, to discuss the 42 progress being made to end the use of volunteers. In the event the Union 43 identifies concerns over the use of volunteers that are not otherwise addressed 44 through meeting with the Employer, the Union may request a meeting with the 45 Office of the State Employer to review and attempt to resolve the concerns.
Unit Employees. 33 To the extent permitted by law, the District shall provide the Union access to a 34 data file containing edited unit employee information. The file shall consist of 35 the following data elements: Unit members' names, classifications, 36 departments, work locations, work hours per week, Civil Service appointment 37 types, mail boxes, home addresses, and home telephone numbers of those 38 unit members who have not requested confidentiality. The data file shall be 39 updated on a bi-weekly basis whenever possible. 40
Unit Employees. The bargaining unit Employees consist of those regular full time and regular part time employees employed by the Employer in the following classifications: Teacher – Preschool Teacher – Infant Toddler Teacher Assistant/Bus Monitor Xxxx Janitor Health Specialist Custodian Family Service Worker Family Development Specialist Home Visitor Kitchen Aide/Nutrition Driver Infant Toddler Health Specialist Parent Involvement Specialist Warehouse Driver Bus Driver/Program Aide