County Treasurer definition

County Treasurer means the Greenville County Treasurer, or the person holding any successor office of the County.
County Treasurer means an elected county treasurer or a county treasurer appointed under section 5 of 1923 PA 199, MCL 201.35, of a county.
County Treasurer or “prosecuting attorney” means the county treasurer or prosecuting attorney of the county having jurisdiction pursuant to section 10.

Examples of County Treasurer in a sentence

  • A penalty of one (1%) percent on the unpaid tax will be added on the first day of August, and on the first day of each month thereafter in the succeeding months, until the delinquent tax roll is returned to the County Treasurer.

  • To forward by mail, without interest penalties, to the Office of the County Treasurer a detailed tax bill of all state land parcels liable for taxes on the school tax rolls in accordance with provisions of 540 and 544 of the Real Property Tax Law.

  • At the Subdivider's option, the Subdivider may deposit with the Bell County Treasurer cash or a cashier's check in an amount equal to the face value of the warranty bond specified above, or provide an irrevocable letter of credit drawn upon a bank licensed to do business in the State of Texas in lieu of the warranty bond.

  • Consider Resolution No. 2003-75 authorizing the County Treasurer to cancel checks.

  • The funds are collected by the County Treasurer and are remitted to the School District the following month.

More Definitions of County Treasurer

County Treasurer means the treasurer of each county of the State in which the District imposes Taxes.
County Treasurer means the treasurer of the county in which the drainage board having jurisdiction of the drainage dis- trict is located.
County Treasurer means the county treasurer of the county.
County Treasurer means the Alameda County Treasurer-Tax Collector, or any authorized deputy thereof.
County Treasurer means the Greenville County Treasurer, or the holder of any successor position.
County Treasurer means the County Treasurer-Tax Collector, or deputy or designee thereof.
County Treasurer means the de jure or de facto county treasurer of each such county, or his successor in functions, if any.