An EMPLOYEE working Sample Clauses

An EMPLOYEE working a regular Monday and Friday schedule shall be entitled to a day off with pay for every holiday listed in Section 1 of this article. When a holiday occurs on a Saturday, it shall be observed on the preceding Friday; when a holiday occurs on a Sunday, it shall be observed on the following Monday. If a holiday is observed by The City on another day the UNION will observe the same day provided it is so noticed in advance on the annual holiday listing issued by the Personnel Department.
An EMPLOYEE working a) a seven day roster; or

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  • An Employee (a) who is sent home at any time or times during the week because of lack of work or inclement weather, or

  • Permanent Employee The words “permanent employee” when used in this Agreement shall mean any employee who has successfully completed the required probationary period of a permanent position and who has continued in the employ of the City or who has otherwise become permanent in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. An employee who has achieved permanent status shall not cease to be a permanent employee merely by virtue of his filling another position on a temporary basis.

  • Fixed Term Employment (a) Fixed-term employment means employment for a specified term or ascertainable period, or in lieu of a finishing date, will specify the circumstance(s) or contingency relating to a specific task or project, upon the occurrence of which the term of the employment will expire, and for which, during the term of employment, the contract is not terminable, by the University, other than: