LETTER NO Sample Clauses

LETTER NO. January 2 I Reissued: August INVESTIGATIVE INFORMATION During Contract negotiations, the Company agreed that it would continue its past practice of supplying information to Union Committeemen necessary for the proper investigation of grievances and complaints. It was further agreed that, in doing so, normal requests would be made through the Union Representative’s immediate supervisor with disputes being referred to the Labour Relations Manager. Yours very truly, Manager Human Resources INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CANADA Xx. Xxxx, Chairperson, Local Letter No. January I Reissued: August I, Revised: March Unit, Dear Xxx. Xxxx: SUBJECT: QUESTIONNAIRES (INDIRECT STUDIES) During the Contract negotiations there was agreement that all questionnaires concerning the work content of a salaried employee will be directed to the management of the area rather than directed to the employees. During the Contract negotiations the above paragraph was discussed in light of a current competitive environment that is now more intense and volatile than at any other time in history. The parties agreed trust and cooperation is essential if the Truck Assembly Plant is to continue to be a major player in the manufacturing of trucks. In addition, the local management and Union also no one knows as much about a job as the person doing it every day, For these reasons, both parties agreed it is in everyone’s best interest to remove barriers to employee input whenever possible. Consequently, the parties hereby agree to discontinue the limitation outlined in the first paragraph of this letter. Yours very truly, Clement Plant Manager INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CANADA Mr. UAW International Representative St. Street Ontario Dear Mr. Letter No. January 1 Reissued: August SUBJECT: FAMILY EDUCATION PROGRAM is understood between the parties that employees, who are selected by the Union to scholarships to attend educational programs at the Union’s Port Centre, will be given Leaves of Absence for not more than two consecutive weeks for this purpose. In addition, such employees, upon request, will be provided with a maximum of two weeksvacation pay while in attendance at the Port Centre. Such an employee will be given, in the same calendar year in which he attends the Port Program, preferential opportunities over all other employees in the bargaining unit to work during the vacation shutdown, provided there is work available at his operation which he is qualified to perform. Notice of designation of sc...
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LETTER NO. It is understood and agreed that the Company has adhered to the provisions of the Letter of Understanding re Article prior to implementing the schedule. Subsequently, as the result of a seasonal decline in orders, it was necessaryto reduce the level of to a shift, crew level, resulting in the lay off of employees. Given the short duration that the shift schedule was not in effect, and given that the business levels again support a shift schedule, and given that employees would be laid off if the schedule is not utilized, the parties hereby agree to resume the shift schedul- ing where required. It is also agreed and understood that in the event the shift sched- ule is discontinued for a period of time in excess of four (4) weeks, the Company will use the overtime provisions of the collective agreement and the Letter of Understanding re Article for a pe- riod of not less than four (4) weeks prior to resuming continuous op- erations. This latter period of time being not less than four weeks of overtime) commences on written notification to the Union of the Company's intention to resume continuous operations. It is agreed that a notice to the Union which states that "the Company will be resuming continuous operations not earlier than four (4) weeks from the date of notice" will suffice for the purpose of this provision. LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING RE ARTICLE
LETTER NO. 10 Section 3(a) of the Settlement Agreement between the parties dated July 5, 2007 provides that a condition to the effectiveness of the Settlement Agreement is the “completion of the expedited organizing process at Sterling, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” The parties further agree that the UAW may, in its sole discretion, designate one or two alternate Company facilities at which this expedited organizing process is to be conducted. During this process, the Neutrality Agreement between the UAW and the Company that was in effect until June 8, 2007 (the “Neutrality Agreement”) will be deemed to be in full effect at the Sterling, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin Company facilities (or such alternate facilities as the UAW may designate under this letter). If, during the period between July 5, 2007 and the completion of the July 25, 2007 hearing on the Company’s motion to approve the Settlement Agreement, the Company has fully complied with the Neutrality Agreement, the UAW will waive the condition to effectiveness of the Settlement Agreement referenced in the first sentence of this letter, although, at the UAW’s option, the expedited organizing process referenced herein will continue, with full application of the Neutrality Agreement to it. Sincerely, Cxxxx Xxxxxx
LETTER NO. 2 The Company has the right to create, amend, combine or otherwise change Job Descriptions. Such new Job Descriptions will be provided to the CWS Committee for input from the union; however, it will remain the unilateral responsibility of the Company to determine the duties of the jobs. Following this process, the Job Descriptions will be deemed to be accepted by the CWS Committee. The Company agrees to confer with the CWS Committee to establish the job class rate whenever it creates, amends, combines or otherwise changes a Job Description. Failure of the parties to reach an agreement within the CWS Committee will result in the Company establishing the wage rate that will apply, with the provision that the Union may grieve the difference in wage rate. If a wage rate set by the Company is submitted to arbitration, the arbitrator will set the rate by employing the methods prescribed in the CWS manual. LETTER NO. 3
LETTER NO. 3 1.1 1.1 No. 4 Transition period for the job register (in connection with
LETTER NO. 5 1.1 No. 6 Special provisions for employees working in the MUHC heating plant.....................................................................Letter No. 6 1.1 No. 7 Lists .............................................................................................Letter No. 7 1.1 No. 8 Merger of seniority .......................................................................Letter No. 8 1.1 No. 9 Safety boots or shoes ............................................................. Letter No. 9 1.1 Legend L = Local provisions N = National provisions
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LETTER NO. April President, Local United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America Dear Sir, During the negotiations, the Company and the Union have agreed to form a joint task force, whose specific assignment will be to review the Incentive Sys- tem as outlined in Article This committee will be made up of six (6) members, three (3) members from the Union and three (3) mem- bers from Management. This committee shall be required to present its recom- mendations to the Company Bargaining Committee and the Union Bargaining Committee. Any decision to act upon or not act upon the Task Force recommendations will be the sole responsibility of the joint bargaining committee. Yours very truly,
LETTER NO. This letter will confirm the Company’s policy with respect to the contracting out of work, as follows: The contracting out of work is the sole prerogative of the Company. However, where it is practical to do so and provided that additional cost will not be entailed by the Company, the Company will endeavour to use its own Maintenance and Engineering, employees provided that they are qualified, avail- able and willing to do the work. The Company will notify the Union, in advance if possible, when an outside contractor is to be engaged to do work in the plant.
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