The Stores definition

The Stores means and include all the Laboratory Equipment, literature, materials and articles to be provided by the Contractor under the Contract.
The Stores means and include the deployment of all work at PUMHSW Shaheed Benazirabad, literature, materials and articles to be provided by the Contractor under the Contract.

Examples of The Stores in a sentence

  • The Stores shall be offered by the Contractor for inspection at such places as may be specified by the Inspector at the Contractor's risk, expense and cost.

  • The Stores shall be booked at full wagon rates if applicable, and by the most economical route.

  • The Stores supplied under the Contract shall be guaranteed for a period of 12 (twelve months) from the date of receipt and acceptance at Purchaser's Site as defined under 2.14.

  • The Stores shall be despatched only after the Inspector has issued a Shipping Release [acceptance as stipulated in 2.14 (a) ] on satisfactory completion of inspection.

  • The Stores shall be despatched only after Inspector has issued a Shipping Release on satisfactory completion of inspection [Refer 2.14 (a)] and as further detailed in 19.2.1. Balance 5% (five) percent shall be paid as per clause no.

  • The Stores shall be brand new, of the best quality and workmanship and shall comply in all respects with Particulars of the Contract.

  • The Stores shall be brand new and shall be supplied at the place of consignment in the original manufacturer packing.

  • The Stores purchase Committee can relax the terms and conditions in the exigency of the department work.

  • The Stores offered shall be complete with their standard accessories and must be accompanied by their normal instructions book/manual.

  • The Stores shall be tendered by the contractor for inspection at such places as may be specified by the purchaser at the Contractor's own risk, expenses and cost.

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