Withdrawal of Sample Clauses

Withdrawal of membership with the consent of the Directors The Directors may consent to withdrawal from membership in the Co-op by a member under any other circumstances where it seems just and equitable to do so and may agree on the date on which membership ceases.
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Withdrawal of a Party from this Agreement Each party, for its convenience and without cause or for any reason whatsoever, may withdraw from participation in this Agreement by providing written notice, sent certified mail, return receipt required, to the chair(s) of the Eastside Transportation Partnership at least thirty (30) days in advance of the effective date of the withdrawal. A withdrawing party shall not be entitled to a refund of any payments to Eastside Transportation Partnership and shall pay any dues required to be paid under this Agreement for costs which had been obligated prior to the effective date of the withdrawal. All obligations other than dues cease upon withdrawal. Each party’s funding to perform its obligations under the Agreement, beyond the current appropriation year, is conditional upon appropriation by the party’s governing body. Should such an appropriation not be approved for a future year, a party may exercise its right to withdraw from the Agreement.
Withdrawal of. Digital Assets from the Account VB20230918 Finst offers Client the possibility to transfer Digital Assets from the Account to an external wallet address of Client (a "Crypto Withdrawal"). Information on the Digital Assets for which a Crypto Withdrawal is possible and the networks supported by Finst can be found on the Trading Platform. Crypto Services Agreement Finst B.V, Xxxxxxxxxxx 000, 0000 XX, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxxxxxxxxx | xxx.xxxxx.xxx 12/19 In relation to such Crypto Withdrawal, the following applies:
Withdrawal of. An employee, who has terminated employment through resignation, may withdraw the resignation within two (2) days of the time it was received by the supervisor in accordance with the above article.

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  • Withdrawal of Bid Any bidder who makes a bid but withdraws the same before the fall of the hammer, shall have his/her deposit equal to 10% of reserve price forfeited as agreed liquidated damages for payment to the Assignee/Bank. The Auctioneer reserves the right to put the property again for sale at the last undisputed bid, or otherwise to adjourn the auction to another date.

  • Withdrawal Rights Except as otherwise provided in this Section 4, tenders of Shares made pursuant to the Offer are irrevocable. Shares tendered pursuant to the Offer may be withdrawn pursuant to the procedures set forth below at any time prior to the Expiration Date and, unless theretofore accepted for payment by Purchaser pursuant to the Offer, may also be withdrawn at any time after July 11, 1999. If Purchaser extends the Offer, is delayed in its acceptance for payment of Shares or is unable to accept Shares for payment pursuant to the Offer for any reason, then, without prejudice to Purchaser's rights under the Offer, the Depositary may, nevertheless, on behalf of Purchaser, retain tendered Shares, and such Shares may not be withdrawn except to the extent that tendering stockholders are entitled to withdrawal rights as described in this Section 4. For a withdrawal to be effective, a written, telegraphic or facsimile transmission notice of withdrawal must be timely received by the Depositary at one of its addresses set forth on the back cover of this Offer to Purchase. Any such notice of withdrawal must specify the name of the person who tendered the Shares to be withdrawn, the number of Shares to be withdrawn and the name of the registered holder, if different from that of the person who tendered such Shares. If Share Certificates evidencing Shares to be withdrawn have been delivered or otherwise identified to the Depositary, then, prior to the physical release of such Share Certificates, the serial numbers shown on such Share Certificates must be submitted to the Depositary and the signature(s) on the notice of withdrawal must be guaranteed by an Eligible Institution, unless such Shares have been tendered for the account of an Eligible Institution. If Shares have been tendered pursuant to the procedure for book-entry transfer as set forth in Section 3, any notice of withdrawal must also specify the number of the account at the Book-Entry Transfer Facility to be credited with the withdrawn Shares and otherwise comply with the Book-Entry Transfer Facility's procedures. All questions as to the form and validity (including time of receipt) of notices of withdrawal will be determined by Purchaser, in its sole discretion, whose determination will be final and binding on all parties. None of Parent, Purchaser, the Dealer Manager, the Depositary, the Information Agent or any other person 8

  • WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS Bids may be withdrawn by bidders prior to the time set for official opening. After time has been called, no bid may be withdrawn for a period of thirty-five days after the time and date of opening except as provided in O.C.G.A Section 13-10-22 (appreciable error in calculation of bid). Negligence or error on the part of any bidder in preparing his bid confers no right of withdrawal or modification of his bid after time has been called except as provided by Georgia law.

  • Withdrawal of Plea Either party reserves the right to withdraw from this plea agreement for any or no reason at any time prior to the entry of the defendant’s plea of guilty and its formal acceptance by the Court. In the event of such withdrawal, the parties will be restored to their pre-plea agreement positions to the fullest extent possible. However, after the plea has been formally accepted by the Court, the defendant may withdraw his plea of guilty only if the Court rejects the plea agreement or if the defendant can show a fair and just reason for requesting the withdrawal. The defendant understands that if the Court accepts his plea of guilty and this plea agreement but subsequently imposes a sentence that is outside the defendant’s applicable Sentencing Guidelines range, or imposes a sentence that the defendant does not expect, like or agree with, he will not be permitted to withdraw his plea of guilty.

  • Withdrawal by a Member A Member has no power to withdraw from the Company, except as otherwise provided in Section 8. SECTION 6 SALARIES, REIMBURSEMENT, AND PAYMENT OF EXPENSES

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