Notice to the Union Sample Clauses

Notice to the Union. The Employer will give the Union at least (14) calendar days written notice of the date or dates on which the Employer plans to implement temporary layoffs of all or some bargaining unit employees.
Notice to the Union. Initial notification will be provided to the Union not less than forty-five (45) days prior to a possible BBA becoming effective in cases of BBAs resulting in separation and thirty (30) days for all other types of BBAs. Such notification will include:
Notice to the Union. 9.04 The Company shall notify the Union Local in writing within five (5) working days of any hiring, reclassification, permanent transfer, temporary transfer of more than fifteen (15) days, or of a promotion to a management position. The Company further agrees to notify the Union Local of any retirement, resignation, the death of an employee, or of any authorized leave of absence of more than fifteen (15) days.
Notice to the Union. (a) In the event the University declares a need to lay off employees or declare position(s) redundant within the bargaining unit, the Director, Staff Relations, or their designate will provide the Union with as much notice as reasonably possible of the proposed lay-off and no less than fifteen (15) working days prior to the proposed redundancy. At this meeting, the University will outline for the Union the relevant staffing and financial information utilized in making the decision(s) to declare positions redundant and information required by the Joint and Equal Redeployment Committee to carry out its mandate. Joint and Equal Redeployment Committee (b) A Joint and Equal Redeployment Committee will be struck and shall be comprised of no more than five (5) representatives from the Union, to include the President and Grievance Officer and no more than five (5) representatives from the University including the Director, Staff Relations or their designate.
Notice to the Union. At least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to notice of layoff, the City shall provide the Union written notice of its intent to lay off employee(s). The notice will include the job classification(s); the names of the employee(s) in those job classifications who have been tentatively selected for layoff; the category of employment of those employee(s) (regular full-time, regular part-time, seasonal) and a seniority list by name, job classification and category. If the Union desires to discuss possible options to the pending layoff or question the selection of the employee(s) tentatively selected for layoff, it shall notify the City to schedule a meeting within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of notice of layoff. Both the notice and the discussions will be treated with confidentiality. The City shall discuss with the Union the criteria which shall be used to determine qualifications, skills, abilities and seniority of employees and the order of layoff. This discussion will include the possibility of transferring work being performed by temporary or on-call employees to employees identified for possible layoff. The City shall attempt in lieu of a layoff and upon agreement with the Union and the affected employee, to transfer or demote the employee scheduled for layoff to another position in the bargaining unit; the employee is qualified to perform the duties of the position; and the transfer or demotion does not displace another employee subject to the other provisions of this Article. In the event more than one employee scheduled for layoff possesses the required certifications, licenses, knowledge, skill and ability to perform the duties of the position, the position will be offered to the most senior employee. If at the end of a six (6) month probationary period, the City determines the employee has not successfully completed the probationary period, the employee shall be placed on the recall list.
Notice to the Union. In the event of proposed layoffs at the Hospital of a permanent or long-term nature or the elimination of a position within the bargaining unit, the Hospital shall:
Notice to the Union. The employer shall provide as much notice as possible to the Union; however, notwithstanding, the employer shall notify the Union in writing at least two (2) working days prior to notifying the affected employee(s) of the reduction in or elimination of their position(s). The following details will be provided: