Emergency call definition

Emergency call means a telephone request or text message request for service which requires immediate action to prevent loss of life, reduce bodily injury, prevent or reduce loss of property and respond to other emergency situations determined by local policy.
Emergency call means a call to duty, including, but not limited to, communications from citizens, police dispatches, and personal observations by peace officers of inherently dangerous situations that demand an immediate response on the part of a peace officer.
Emergency call means a Call made to either ‘999’ or ‘112’.

Examples of Emergency call in a sentence

  • Bidder shall respond to Emergency call out within thirty (30) minutes, and be on site within ninety (90) minutes.

  • Emergency call out shall be paid overtime on a continuous hour basis as follows: Hours nine (9) through twelve (12), on a continuous work basis shall be paid at time and one-half (1 ½), all hours thereafter, hours thirteen (13) and thereafter, on a continuous work basis, will be paid at double time.

More Definitions of Emergency call

Emergency call means a Call to 999 or 112 and any other number associated with UK emergency services;
Emergency call means a Call to 999.
Emergency call means a call to 999 or 112 or any other number associated with UK emergency services;
Emergency call means an electronic communication (such as a telephone call) that is forwarded from an undertaking to the ECAS operator for onward transmis- sion to an emergency service, and includes a call that may not be a genuine one;
Emergency call means a call made to designated emergency numbers such as police, fire, ambulance or other emergency services designated by the Authority;
Emergency call means any call for assistance initiated by the general public requesting response by a licensed EMS agency, made by any means of communication, and shall specifically not include calls for pre-arranged routine transportation initiated by a physician, patient, hospital or other medical facility.
Emergency call means a 9-1-1 or other emergency request for an ambulance to transport or assist persons in apparent sudden need of medical attention; or an ambulance transport that is initially classified as a non-emergency call that becomes an emergency call due to a change in the patient’s medical condition; or a medical emergency, as determined by a physician, to transport blood, or any therapeutic device, accessory to such device, or tissue or organ for transplant.