Responsibility of the Company Sample Clauses

Responsibility of the Company. With respect to each Loan held by the Custodian hereunder in accordance with the provisions hereof, the Company shall (a) cause the Financing Documents evidencing such Loan to be delivered to the Custodian; (b) include with such Financing Documents an amortization schedule of payments (the “Payment Schedule”) identifying the amount and due dates of scheduled principal payments, the Interest Payable Date(s) and related payment amount information, and such other information with respect to the related Loan and Financing Documents as the Custodian reasonably may require in order to perform its services hereunder (collectively, “Loan Information”), in such form and format as the Custodian reasonably may require; (c) take, or cause the investment adviser to take, all actions necessary to acquire good title to such Loan (or the participation in such Loan, as the case may be), as and to the extent intended to be acquired; and (d) cause the Custodian to be named as its nominee for payment purposes under the Financing Documents or otherwise provide for the direct payment of the Loan Payments to the Custodian. The Custodian shall be entitled to rely upon the Loan Information provided to it by the Company (or the investment adviser acting on its behalf) without any obligation on the part of the Custodian independently to verify, investigate, recalculate, update or otherwise confirm the accuracy or completeness thereof; and the Custodian shall have no liability for any delay or failure on the part of the Company in providing necessary Loan Information to the Custodian, or for any inaccuracy therein or incompleteness thereof. With respect to each such Loan, the Custodian shall be entitled to rely on any information and notices it may receive from time to time from the related bank agent, Obligor or similar party with respect to the related Loan, and shall be entitled to update its records on the basis of such information or notices received, without any obligation on its part independently to verify, investigate or recalculate such information, provided that the Custodian notifies the Company of such changes.
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Responsibility of the Company. The JVC shall be responsible for its own debts and assets. Neither Party shall be liable for any debts owed by the JVC to any third party. Either Party shall only be liable to the extent of its investment in the JVC.
Responsibility of the Company. 8.1.1. In case of violation by the Company of terms hereunder due to circumstances the Company is responsible for which resulted in actual damage to the Client, the Client has the right to claim indemnification of actual damage.
Responsibility of the Company. The Company shall be responsible for the performance of the services provided for in this Agreement in accordance with the “Performance Schedule.” The Company shall be responsible for the correctness and accuracy of its work, based upon the material and information supplied by the Municipality, as reflected in the completed codification, supplementation and online hosted code updates delivered to the Municipality. Regardless of the Municipality’s acceptance of completed materials when delivered, the Company shall correct errors found either by the Municipality or the Company. See “Warranties; Limitations” for the Company’s liability for all services.
Responsibility of the Company. 1. In performing an Agent-Organized Travel Agreement, if the Company, or the person whom the Company has had make arrangements as an agent in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 (hereinafter referred to as "Arrangements Agent"), has caused damage to a Traveler intentionally or by negligence, the Company shall bear the responsibility for compensating for the damage, provided that the Company has been informed within 2 years of the day following the date of occurrence of the damage.
Responsibility of the Company. 8.2.1. The Company shall be responsible for taking the necessary measures to ensure the reliability and safety of the System, including for the adoption of measures for the preservation of the User electronic identification data.
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Responsibility of the Company. 5.1 The Company
Responsibility of the Company. 3.1 The Company should ensure that the Medical Devices Vigilance system guidelines are made known to persons responsible for placing devices on the market and any other agents authorised to act on the Company’s behalf so that the Company’s responsibilities may be fulfilled.
Responsibility of the Company. Without prejudice to any liability of the Bidder and the Company in relation to each other under or in connection with this Agreement which shall be unaffected by this Section 28.2, the Parties acknowledge and agree that the Company shall not assume any liability vis-à-vis the Parent, except (i) as expressly provided for herein and (ii) for willful misconduct (Vorsatz) or fraud (Arglist) by the Company.
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