Paragraph 4 definition

Paragraph 4. Any tax chargeable claims payable under an option, which would normally be the Board's, shall be paid by the individual teacher.
Paragraph 4. The teacher, not the Board, has the responsibility to initiate a change or the termination of the purchase of tax-deferred annuities in accordance with established Board policies.
Paragraph 4. The Association has the right to post items on faculty bulletin boards, to place items in the teacher's boxes, and to use inter-school mail.

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  • In any such case, the Company will make appropriate provision to insure that the provisions of this Paragraph 4 hereof will thereafter be applicable as nearly as may be in relation to any shares of stock or securities thereafter deliverable upon the exercise of this Warrant.

  • During the Exercise Period, the Exercise Price and the number of Warrant Shares shall be subject to adjustment from time to time as provided in this Paragraph 4.

  • Upon each adjustment of the Exercise Price pursuant to the provisions of this Paragraph 4, the number of shares of Common Stock issuable upon exercise of this Warrant shall be adjusted by multiplying a number equal to the Exercise Price in effect immediately prior to such adjustment by the number of shares of Common Stock issuable upon exercise of this Warrant immediately prior to such adjustment and dividing the product so obtained by the adjusted Exercise Price.

  • The Company will not effect any consolidation, merger or sale or conveyance unless prior to the consummation thereof, the successor corporation (if other than the Company) assumes by written instrument the obligations under this Paragraph 4 and the obligations to deliver to the holder of this Warrant such shares of stock, securities or assets as, in accordance with the foregoing provisions, the holder may be entitled to acquire.

  • If any event occurs of the type contemplated by the adjustment provisions of this Paragraph 4 but not expressly provided for by such provisions, the Company will give notice of such event as provided in Paragraph 4(g) hereof, and the Company's Board of Directors will make an appropriate adjustment in the Exercise Price and the number of shares of Common Stock acquirable upon exercise of this Warrant so that the rights of the holder shall be neither enhanced nor diminished by such event.

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Paragraph 4. A teacher may petition the superintendent to remove derogatory material including conference report forms from the teacher's file when such material has been in the teacher's file for a period of 24 months. All materials pertaining to a teacher's evaluations must be retained for a period of at least 36 months.
Paragraph 4. Elementary teachers shall assist with bus duty. Every elementary teacher will be provided with an approximate 25-minute period to eat lunch, at which time teachers shall not have responsibility to supervise students. An effort will be made to assign all certificated staff assigned to the building to supervisory duty on an equitable basis. Paragraph 5: Teachers shall not be required to transport students to or from activities which take place away from the school building except where such transportation would be a normal responsibility of a particular position and/or a condition of employment under a supplemental contract However, a teacher may do so voluntarily with the advance approval of the building principal.
Paragraph 4. Employees and administration may utilize a committee to make recommendations to the Board in the area of supplemental duties and extended contracts for employees. The committee shall consist of six persons as follows: one person designated by the superintendent, the high school and middle school assistant principals for student activities/athletics, one high school employee, one middle school employee, and one elementary employee. The employee members shall be appointed by HEA and one must be a member of the HEA negotiation team. The appointments shall be made at the beginning of each school year to be effective for that year. Any employee or administrator may submit an application for modification of supplemental duties or extended contracts for the subsequent school year to the building administrator no later than December 1. The building administrator shall forward such requests to the committee. The committee shall meet outside of the regular workday. The chairperson shall submit recommendations of the committee for additions or deletions of supplemental and extended positions to the superintendent by February 1 so that the Board may consider the matter at the March Board meeting. The chairperson shall submit all recommendations of the committee for changes in amount of extended time and changes in salary to the superintendent and HEA president by March 1. Final action on this recommendation for amount of extended time and salaries will be through the negotiation process. Changes in addition to these recommendations could be considered during the negotiations process.
Paragraph 4. Any teacher who is requested by district-level administration to attend district- sponsored summer workshops or attend curriculum work outside of contracted time shall be paid $15 per hour.
Paragraph 4. This in no way excludes the superintendent from making classroom visitation for the purpose of educator evaluations. If, as a result of informal observation and ensuing conferences, specific guidelines and directives are needed to improve teaching performance, these are to be filed in the same manner as the formal evaluation reports.
Paragraph 4. The individual teacher shall exercise his/her professional judgment in his implementation and selection of supplementary materials within the guidelines established by the administration and the curriculum committee for the subject area.
Paragraph 4. Any assigned responsibilities missed as a result of professional meetings not approved in accordance with the preceding policies will be considered the same as work not performed and full salary reductions will be made.