June 2018 Sample Clauses

June 2018. This framework agreement was adopted by the NHS Staff Council for NHS staff in England on 27 June 2018 following consultation and agreement with the constituent parties in England.
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June 2018. Xxx Xxxxxx. ibid, Volume 3. xxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx. ibid, Volume 4. p. 330. Sahih, Volume 3. "Xxxxxxxx (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)". xxxxxxx.xxxx. Retrieved 28
June 2018. Xxxxxxxxx will provide published draft copies of the report and make presentation. The draft report will be used by Xxxxxxxxx, City Council and City Staff to suggest changes and additions, and to propose schedules and goals for proposed improvements.
June 2018. The Content Creation phase will return to County Library and IT personnel to work with the community organizations to get the necessary data from organizations for inclusion in the database. The data will be normalized. Organizing the attributes and relations of the content to be loaded into the database will reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity before it is even loaded into the database. Many of these decisions will have been made in the scoping phase in terms of schema and data modes to simplify the design of the database so that it achieved the optimum structure. In the content creation phase we will eliminate redundant data and ensure data integrity before it is loaded into the database. July – August 2018 The Quality Assurance (QA) phase will be split between County IT, Library, and OMBU (contractor consultant) personnel. QA consists of ensuring conformance to county standards, ensuring requirements have been met as defined in requirements gathering, code review, configuration management (including permissions), integrations testing, user acceptance testing, verification, and defect fixes. September 2018 Finally once the database has been deemed as complete and fully functional, the content will be entered into the clean database, final testing will be performed and the Library will formally accept the product as complete from the contractor consultant developer OMBU and the database will be rolled out and promoted to community organizations for use and evaluation. October 2018 – September 2019 Community organizations will use the database in the course of their Digital Inclusion work. The DIN will provide feedback and perform evaluation of the resource. October 2019 – September 2020 Access for the general public will be enabled and additional content of interest to the general public will be developed and promoted. Based on feedback from the initial phase of use exclusively by community organizations, the database may be modified and then will be opened up as a self-service public resource for individual users to find digital equity resources – including low cost internet access in their area, nearby training in preferred languages, opportunities to get a low cost or free computer. Public evaluation (e.g. surveys and/or interviews at partner organizations) may lead to content edits and additions to make the resource more useful to the general public. (This field has a character limit of 21000) Organization Capacity The applicant should d...
June 2018. The Client confirms that the information provided in this Application is true, correct and complete. The Client confirms the signatories have the authority to provide the information in this Application and any ancillary information that may be required by Jarden. The Client understands that not giving information, or giving false information, is serious under New Zealand law. The Client will contact Jarden if any information the Client has given changes. The Client confirms that the Client has not been declined service by any other financial services provider or been declared bankrupt. The Client acknowledges that Jarden currently records all incoming and outgoing telephone calls, and consents to this telephone recording. The Client confirms it has read and understands the Terms and Conditions, and further acknowledges that the Client has read the risk disclosures in the Terms and Conditions. The person(s) identified as additional Authorised Persons in the Application have read and understand the Scope of Service and Terms and Conditions and are authorised to operate the Account on behalf of the Client. The Client confirms that by signing this Application, the Client will be automatically bound by the Terms and Conditions if Jarden approves and accepts this Application, and this Application and the Terms and Conditions will constitute a binding agreement with Jarden. Signed for and on behalf of: By: Date: Name of Director/Partner/Principal/Trustee Signature By: Date: Name of Director/Partner/Principal/Trustee Signature By: Date: Name of Director/Partner/Principal/Trustee Signature By: Date: Name of Director/Partner/Principal/Trustee Signature (Companies should sign in accordance with the Companies Act 1993. All partners should sign in the case of a Partnership or trust. For additional signatories, please photocopy this page and attach to the original application form).
June 2018. The difficulties of sailing through the Red Sea limited the information available to early British mariners attempting to sail into its largely unexplored waters. Although the first English ship to enter the Red Sea sailed to the Yemeni port of Mocha in 1606, maps of the region remained rudimentary until the late eighteenth century. Beginning in 1781, the Admiralty began publishing charts of the Red Sea. These were basic maps of the region, typically based on earlier reports from Portuguese, French, and Dutch cartographers, some even then centuries-old.6 Without accurate charts of the few harbours in the Red Sea, attempting to sail through the reefs lining the shorelines would have been a formidable challenge for contemporary sailors. Simple as these early maps were, they may have spurred interest amongst East India Company officials by presenting the possibility of developing a maritime link back to Britain via the Mediterranean Sea.7 In 1786, the company agreed to deploy a consular agent to Egypt specifically to oversee the development of a new communications route to Europe, and an armed cruiser from the company’s Bengal station was ordered to perform an annual voyage to Suez to deliver and receive mails from London.8 The pattern of the Asian monsoon season meant that the vessel could only perform one round trip between Fort St. Xxxxxx at Madras and Suez per year, but the new overland route through Egypt promised a much faster means of communication between officials in Britain and in India.9 Nevertheless, despite occasional visits by British merchantmen to the Red Sea, until the end of the eighteenth century and the outbreak of the French revolutionary wars, the sea remained a 6 British Library, London, Maps Collections, Port and City of Suaquem on the Coast of Abexim in the Red Sea, 1781. 7 British Library, London, IOR/G/17/6, Correspondence and Papers about the Overland Route through Egypt, Report of a Committee of Correspondence, 1 June 1786. 8 British Library, London, IOR/G/17/6, Correspondence and Papers about the Overland Route through Egypt, Report of a Secret Court of Directors, 27 June 1786.
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June 2018. This announcement is made by the Board pursuant to Rule 13.09 of the Listing Rules and the inside information provisions under Part XIVA of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Chapter 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

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  • European Monetary Union If, as a result of the implementation of European monetary union, (a) any currency ceases to be lawful currency of the nation issuing the same and is replaced by a European common currency, then any amount payable hereunder by any party hereto in such currency shall instead be payable in the European common currency and the amount so payable shall be determined by translating the amount payable in such currency to such European common currency at the exchange rate recognized by the European Central Bank for the purpose of implementing European monetary union, or (b) any currency and a European common currency are at the same time recognized by the central bank or comparable authority of the nation issuing such currency as lawful currency of such nation, then (i) any Loan made at such time shall be made in such European common currency and (ii) any other amount payable by any party hereto in such currency shall be payable in such currency or in such European common currency (in an amount determined as set forth in clause (a)), at the election of the obligor. Prior to the occurrence of the event or events described in clause (a) or (b) of the preceding sentence, each amount payable hereunder in any currency will continue to be payable only in that currency. The Borrowers agree, at the request of the Required Lenders, at the time of or at any time following the implementation of European monetary union, to enter into an agreement amending this Agreement in such manner as the Required Lenders shall reasonably request in order to avoid any unfair burden or disadvantage resulting from the implementation of such monetary union and to place the parties hereto in the position they would have been in had such monetary union not been implemented, the intent being that neither party will be adversely affected economically as a result of such implementation and that reasonable provisions shall be adopted to govern the borrowing, maintenance and repayment of Loans denominated in currencies other than Dollars after the occurrence of the event or events described in clause (a) or (b) of the preceding sentence.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE Modification or alteration of the documents contained in this solicitation or the contract resulting from this solicitation shall only be made upon receipt of prior written consent of the County. (See: General Terms and Conditions, Article 2, Questions Regarding this Solicitation) Bidders are cautioned, when completing your bid, do not attach any forms which may contain deviations from the County’s scope of services/specification, terms and conditions or fee schedule as these may conflict with those listed in the County’s bid documents(s). Unauthorized modifications or alterations and/or inclusion of additional terms and conditions such as those which may be on your company’s standard forms shall result in your bid being declared non-responsive as these changes will be considered a counteroffer to the County’s bid. STATEMENT OF NO-BID The Procurement Division is committed to continuously improve its processes and our goal is to receive maximum participation from the vendor community. If your firm chooses not to participate in responding to this solicitation please email Xxx.Xxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx, referencing the IFB number, and briefly explain why the decision was made to not participate.

  • Important Notes 1. The Publisher will not begin typesetting the Author’s Book until ALL internal text materials have been submitted by the Author.

  • Euro 14.1 Any legislative requirement to account for the Goods or Services in Euro Є (or to prepare for such accounting), instead of and/or in addition to Pounds Sterling £, shall be implemented by the Contractor at nil charge to the Authority.

  • Investment Opportunities and Allocation The Advisor shall be required to use commercially reasonable efforts to present a continuing and suitable investment program to the Company that is consistent with the investment policies and objectives of the Company, but neither the Advisor nor any Affiliate of the Advisor shall be obligated generally to present any particular investment opportunity to the Company even if the opportunity is of character that, if presented to the Company, could be taken by the Company. In the event an investment opportunity is located, the allocation procedure set forth under the caption “Conflicts of Interest – Certain Conflict Resolution Measures – Allocation of Investment Opportunities” in the Registration Statement shall govern the allocation of the opportunity among the Company and Affiliates of the Advisor.

  • International or National Shopping Goods estimated to cost less than $30,000 equivalent per contract may be procured under contracts awarded on the basis of international or national shopping procedures in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 3.5 and 3.6 of the Guidelines.

  • Information Collection Information collection activities performed under this award are the responsibility of the awardee, and NSF support of the project does not constitute NSF approval of the survey design, questionnaire content or information collection procedures. The awardee shall not represent to respondents that such information is being collected for or in association with the National Science Foundation or any other Government agency without the specific written approval of such information collection plan or device by the Foundation. This requirement, however, is not intended to preclude mention of NSF support of the project in response to an inquiry or acknowledgment of such support in any publication of this information.

  • Institutional and Retail Sales You authorize the Manager to sell to institutions and retail purchasers such Securities purchased by you pursuant to the Underwriting Agreement as the Manager will determine. The Selling Concession on any such sales will be credited to the accounts of the Underwriters as the Manager will determine.

  • Investment Opportunities To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the doctrine of corporate opportunity, or any analogous doctrine, shall not apply to any Member, any of their respective Affiliates, or any of their respective officers, directors, agents, shareholders, members, managers and partners (each, a “Business Opportunities Exempt Party”). The Company renounces any interest or expectancy of the Company in, or in being offered an opportunity to participate in, business opportunities that are from time to time presented to any Business Opportunities Exempt Party. No Business Opportunities Exempt Party who acquires knowledge of a potential transaction, agreement, arrangement or other matter that may be an opportunity for the Company or any of its subsidiaries shall have any duty to communicate or offer such opportunity to the Company. No amendment or repeal of this Section 8.4 shall apply to or have any effect on the liability or alleged liability of any Business Opportunities Exempt Party for or with respect to any opportunities of which any such Business Opportunities Exempt Party becomes aware prior to such amendment or repeal. Any Person purchasing or otherwise acquiring any interest in any Units shall be deemed to have notice of and consented to the provisions of this Section 8.4. Neither the alteration, amendment or repeal of this Section 8.4, nor the adoption of any provision of this Agreement inconsistent with this Section 8.4, shall eliminate or reduce the effect of this Section 8.4 in respect of any business opportunity first identified or any other matter occurring, or any cause of action, suit or claim that, but for this Section 8.4, would accrue or arise, prior to such alteration, amendment, repeal or adoption.

  • COMPETITIVE LOCAL EXCHANGE COMPANY (CLEC) means a telephone company certificated by the Commission to provide local exchange service within BellSouth's franchised area.

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