December 2016 Sample Clauses

December 2016. No UNTS volume number has yet been determined for this record. The Text(s) reproduced below, if attached, are the authentic texts of the agreement /action attachment as submitted for registration and publication to the Secretariat. For ease of reference they were sequentially paginated. Translations, if attached, are not final and are provided for information only. Pérou et Chine Échange de notes constituant un accord entre le Gouvernement de la République populaire de Chine et le Gouvernement de la République du Pérou concernant le don de véhicules et de vélos par le Gouvernement de la République populaire de Chine pour leur utilisation lors de l'APEC 2016 ainsi que d'autres activités ultérieures (avec annexe). Lima, 13 mai 2016 et 25 mai 2016 Entrée en vigueur : 25 mai 2016 par l'échange desdites notes, conformément à leurs dispositions Textes authentiques : chinois et espagnol Enregistrement auprès du Secrétariat de l'Organisation des Nations Unies : Pérou, 20 décembre 2016 *Aucun numéro de volume n'a encore été attribué à ce dossier. Les textes disponibles qui sont reproduits ci-dessous sont les textes originaux de l'accord ou de l'action tels que soumis pour enregistrement. Par souci de clarté, leurs pages ont été numérotées. Les traductions qui accompagnent ces textes ne sont pas définitives et sont fournies uniquement à titre d'information. [ CHINESE TEXT – TEXTE CHINOIS ] [ SPANISH TEXT – TEXTE ESPAGNOL ] [TRANSLATION – TRADUCTION] I Lima, 13 May 2016 N.O. No. 004/2016 Madam, I have the honour to confirm, on behalf of the Government of the People’s Republic of China, that, through friendly consultations, the two countries have reached the following agreement:
December 2016. Article 2. The Borrower shall pay interest to the Lender at the annual interest rate of 0% based on the actual loan period.
December 2016. Article 2. The Borrower shall pay interest to the Lender at the annual interest rate of 8% based on the actual loan period. The interest for the actual loan period shall be paid on the commencement date of the loan period, and will be deducted from the loan amount by the Lender.
December 2016. 6.2 The Portfolio Manager represents and warrants that the transfer to it of the Incorrectly Appointed Portfolio Manager’s rights and obligations under this Deed will not subject the Issuer to any taxes or any adverse regulatory requirements it would not otherwisehave been subject to as at the Effective Date in the absence of such transfer.
December 2016. It shall also provide a final declaration based on the results of any intermediary financial audits conducted. The conclusions and recommendations shall be transmitted to Switzerland, together with the Project Completion Report, by the NCU latest six months after the final date of eligibility of costs, not later than 13 December 2017.”
December 2016. The venue would be communicated at a later stage. The Co-President thanked the Namibian authorities for the effective organisation of the session, and the Members and the co-secretariat for their contribution. (The sitting closed at 16.00) Netty BALDEH Cécile Kashetu KYENGE (Acting) Leonard-Emile OGNIMBA (Acting) Luis Marco AGUIRIANO NALDA
December 2016. The inaugural meeting of the Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Forum took place via teleconference today. The Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Forum consists of Ministers from across Australia with responsibility for alcohol and other drug policy from the health and justice / law enforcement portfolios from each jurisdiction.
December 2016. 24. We will stop providing you credits if your EnergyAustralia Feed-In Agreement is terminated in accordance with clauses 22 or 23. However, if there are any credits owing to you upon termination that you are validly entitled to, we will pay you the equivalent amount.