Framework Agreement Sample Clauses

Framework Agreement. The Parties shall enter into a Framework Agreement within 28 days after the Contractor receives the Letter of Acceptance, unless the Particular Conditions establish otherwise. The Framework Agreement shall be based upon FORM No. 3 – FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT annexed to the Particular Conditions. The costs of stamp duties and similar charges (if any) imposed by law in connection with entry into the Framework Agreement shall be borne by the Procuring Entity.
Framework Agreement. This Agreement is being entered into in accordance with that certain Master Framework Agreement, dated as of October 9, 2020 (as amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified, the “Framework Agreement”), among TXU, as seller, the entities party thereto as Originators, TXU, as agent for the Seller and the Originators (in such capacity, the “Seller Party Agent”) and MUFG, as buyer. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Agreement or in any Confirmations shall have the meanings set forth in the Framework Agreement (including Schedule 1 thereto). In the event of any inconsistency between this Agreement and the Framework Agreement, the Framework Agreement shall govern.
Framework Agreement. This Agreement shall govern all Order Forms. This Agreement shall commence on the MSA Start Date and shall, unless terminated in accordance with its express terms, continue until the expiry of the last Subscription as set out in the final Order Form between the Parties.
Framework Agreement. 1.1.2 Annex 1 Part A – The Services and Lots; Part B – The Provider‟s Lot; Part CDirect Award Criteria including: Section A: Mini Competition Process Outline Section B: Example RFQ format Section C: RFQ Scoring Section D: Example Order format
Framework Agreement. 57.1 The CLIENT may terminate the Contract by giving written notice to the SERVICE PROVIDER with immediate effect if the Framework Agreement is terminated for any reason whatsoever.
Framework Agreement. NRC are seeking suppliers who are interested in entering into a fixed price Framework Agreement (Framework Contract) that would allow fixed prices and fluctuating order frequency during the course of a two-year contract. In the event of contract award, please confirm you are willing to enter into a fixed price agreement with NRC. ☐ Yes ☐ No
Framework Agreement. The object of this Agreement is to lay down the terms and conditions upon which Shipper will be able, on and from the Effective Date and until the Termination Date of this Agreement, to subscribe to Transit Services offered by Carrier and upon which Carrier shall perform such Transit Services. As such, this Agreement serves as a framework agreement for the subscription to the single different Transit Services offered by Carrier.
Framework Agreement. Refers to a written agreement between a procuring entity and a supplier or service provider that identifies the terms and conditions, under which specific purchases, otherwise known as “Call-Offs,” are made for the duration of the agreement. It is in the nature of an option contract between the procuring entity and the bidder(s) granting the procuring entity the option to either place an order for any of the goods or services identified in the Framework Agreement List or not buy at all, within a minimum period of one (1) year to a maximum period of three (3) years. (GPPB Resolution No. 27-2019) GFI – Government Financial Institution. GOCC – Government-owned and/or –controlled corporation. Goods – Refer to all items, supplies, materials and general support services, except Consulting Services and Infrastructure Projects, which may be needed in the transaction of public businesses or in the pursuit of any government undertaking, project or activity, whether in the nature of equipment, furniture, stationery, materials for construction, or personal property of any kind, including non-personal or contractual services such as the repair and maintenance of equipment and furniture, as well as trucking, hauling, janitorial, security, and related or analogous services, as well as procurement of materials and supplies provided by the Procuring Entity for such services. The term “related” or “analogous services” shall include, but is not limited to, lease or purchase of office space, media advertisements, health maintenance services, and other services essential to the operation of the Procuring Entity. (2016 revised IRR, Section 5[r]) GOP – Government of the Philippines. GPPB – Government Procurement Policy Board.