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IT Personnel means Lewis Hepburn and Phil Goffin.

Examples of IT Personnel in a sentence

Investment, Portfolio Administration and IT Personnel may not buy or sell a Covered Security three trading days before or after a Client trades in that security.

The Bidder should have at least one year experience in providing manpower (preferably IT Personnel) services to Government Departments/ Public Sector Companies/ Banks, etc, and is required to submit evidence/ certificate towards their capability and adequacy of resources to carry out this contract effectively.

Organization Chart: (Please attach separate sheet)Write-up on the organization with focus on ICT Personnel providing details as follows: IT Personnel (state the number)Project Manager Database Administrator Systems Analyst Network Administrator Programmer / Developer Technical Support Specialists 3.

INTERESTS OF THE PRINCIPAL 9.1 The Contractor must ensure that the IT Personnel supplied to perform the Services shall use their best endeavours to promote the interests and welfare of the Principal.

CONFIDENTIALITY 12.1 The Contractor shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the IT Personnel do not make public or disclose the Principal’s Confidential Information or use such Confidential Information other than for the purposes of performing the Services.

More Definitions of IT Personnel

IT Personnel means Lewis Hepburn and Phil Goffin. “JVCos” means:
IT Personnel means the Chief Information Officer of any campus and his or her designees.