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December. The committee members are appointed. The committee consists of five members: Associate Dean, two members appointed by Faculty Senate, and two Faculty members appointed by the Helena Teachers Union who have themselves successfully promoted. • January 15th: Faculty members submit a promotion portfolio to Associate Dean. • FebruaryMarch: The Promotion Committee reviews portfolio. • April 1st: Recommendation is sent from Promotion Committee Chair to Dean/CEO with recommended action. • May: Dean/CEO acts on the recommendation and, if concurs, forwards recommendation to UM President or Commissioner of Higher Education. Notice of action is sent to faculty member. • By July 1st: Recommendation is reviewed and acted on by the Commissioner of Higher Education. Notice of action is sent to faculty member.
December. 2000 Cash Collateral Deposit" shall mean the cash collateral -------------------------------------- deposit required to be made on or before December 15, 2000 pursuant to Section 5(a) hereof.

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  • In terms of SEBI circular dated December 9, 2020 on e-Voting facility provided by Listed Companies, Individual shareholders holding securities in demat mode are allowed to vote through their demat account maintained with Depositories and Depository Participants.

  • WIK-Consult (2010), Study on the Options for addressing Competition Problems in the EU Roaming Market, SMART 2010/018, December, p.

  • For the year ended 31 December 2008截至二零零八年十二月三十一日止年度Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements綜合財務報表附註For the year ended 31 December 2008截至二零零八年十二月三十一日止年度 3.

  • We can also choose to stop offering the plan, or to offer it in a different service area, after December 31, 2022.

  • This Act is effective for taxable years beginning after December 31, 1998.

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December. 31 Balance Sheets 4.1(f)(i) December 31 Financial Statements 4.1(f)(i) Drag-Along Right 3.1 Employee Plan 4.1(o) ERISA 4.1(o) Expenses 7.2 Execution Notice 3.2 Insurance Policies 4.1(t) Intellectual Property 4.1(l) Lessee Recitals Lessee Line of Credit 5.1(o) Lessee Subsidiary 4.1(e)(ii) Management Recitals March 31 Balance Sheets 4.1(f)(ii) March 31 Financial Statements 4.1(f)(ii) Merger Recitals Merger Agreement Recitals Multiemployer Plan 4.1(o) Partnership Merger Recitals Term Section ---- -------
December. 1996 Balance Sheet" 3.08 "Delaware GCL" Recitals "Effective Time" 1.03 "Employee and Other Licenses" 3.28 "ERISA" 3.12(b) "Estimated Undistributed Profits" 7.09 "Exchange Act" 5.09 "FILCO" 2.01(a) "FILCO Agreement" 2.01(a) "FILCO Obligation" 2.01(a) "Financial Statements" 3.08(a) "Indemnifiable Breaches" 7.04(a) "Intellectual Property Rights" 3.09 "Krauss" Preamble "Krauss Shareholders" Preamble "Major Suppliers" 3.11 "Merger" Recitals "Merger Information" 4.04(j) "Net Merger Price" 2.01(a) "New York BCL" Recitals "Other Contracts" 3.20 "Parent" Preamble "Parent Common Stock" Recitals "Parent Public Information" 5.06
December. 31 Adjusted Net Current Assets" shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2.1.
December. 31, 1995 and January 1, 1996 through June 30, 1996, and the unaudited balance sheets for the CBS Stations dated as of December 31, 1995 and June 30, 1996 (the "CBS Financial Statements"). The CBS Financial Statements have been prepared on a historic basis and do not include the effect of the Westinghouse/CBS acquisition. The CBS Financial Statements for the 1996 periods are subject to certain normal year-end adjustments. The CBS Financial Statements are true and correct in all material respects and have been prepared in accordance with the books and records of CBS and in accordance with the policies and procedures of CBS applicable thereto, which differ from generally accepted accounting principles in the respects set forth in Schedule 7.13. The CBS Financial Statements fairly present in all material respects the financial condition and results of operations of the CBS Stations for the periods indicated.
December. 31" for "October 31." All other terms and conditions of the Agreement remain the same. D&M PARTNERS DELTA AND PINE LAND COMPANY By /s/ R. D. Greene By /s/ R. D. Greene ---------------- ---------------- Title Alternate Agent Title V.P. Finance & Treasurer --------------- ------------------------ Date 3/21/03 Date 3/21/03 ------- ------- MONSANTO COMPANY By /s/ W. Randy Deaton ------------------- Title Cotton Strategy Lead Date 26 March 2003 EXHIBIT H ROUNDUP READY(R) QUALITY ASSURANCE CRITERIA
December. The Italian concentration camp at Fossoli goes into operation. VIA VIA I G VIALE M.
December. 29 Working Capital" 4 1.16 "Employee Benefit Plan" 4 1.17 "ERISA" 4 1.18 "Escrow Agent" 4 1.19 "Escrow Agreement" 4 1.20 "Excluded Assets" 4 1.21 "Excluded Liabilities" 5 1.22 "Financial Statements" 6 1.23 "1996 Financial Statements" 6 1.24 "GAAP" 6 1.25 "HSR Act" 6 1.26 "Losses" 6 1.27 "Newspaper Business" 6 1.28 "Permitted Encumbrances" 6 1.29 "Pension Plans" 6 1.30 "Person" 6 1.31 "Purchase Price" 7 1.32 "Purchaser Default" 7 1.33 "Purchaser's Group" 7 1.34 "Purchaser's Representatives" 7 1.35 "Retention Agreements" 7 1.36 "Seller Default" 7 1.37 "Seller's Group" 7 1.38 "Seller's Representatives" 7 1.39 "Third Party Consents" 7