Authorised Persons definition

Authorised Persons means a person or persons duly authorised by me from time to time to give instructions.
Authorised Persons means all staff and students of the Licensee and all individuals who although not employed by the Licensee are engaged by it to provide teaching, research or consultancy services, and in relation to the Licensee’s Intranet or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), persons, including Distance Learners authorised by the Licensee to use the same using a secure code. The term also includes another Educational Establishment holding a current educational licence from ICLA.

Examples of Authorised Persons in a sentence

  • The Principles for Authorised Persons set out in Section 4.2 apply to Authorised Persons in respect of Regulated Activities and Market Activities.

  • The Money Laundering Reporting Officer function must be carried out by an individual who is a Director, Partner or Senior Manager of an Authorised Person and who has responsibility for the implementation of an Authorised Person's anti‐money laundering policies, procedures, systems and controls and day to day oversight of its compliance with the Rules in AML and any relevant anti‐money laundering Rules.

  • An Authorised Person must ensure that its internal audit function has unrestricted access to all relevant records and recourse when needed to the Authorised Person's Governing Body or the relevant committee, established by its Governing Body for this purpose.

  • The business plan must take into account the Authorised Person's current business activities and the business activities forecast for the next twelve months.

  • Guidance: material outsourcing arrangement An outsourcing arrangement will be considered to be material if it is a service of such importance that weakness or failure of that service would cast serious doubt on the Authorised Person's continuing ability to remain fit and proper or to comply with the Framework Regulations and Rules administered by the AFSA.

More Definitions of Authorised Persons

Authorised Persons means any Officer, authorised signatory of the Entity or such other persons as may be authorised by the Entity from time to time (including, without limitation, any legal adviser or accountants appointed by the Entity) and notified to the Administrator in writing signed by any Director. A certified copy of the relevant resolution of the board of Directors shall be conclusive evidence of the authority of an Authorised Person to act, such authority to continue in full force and effect until the Administrator receives written notice to the contrary from one or more Directors. The first Authorised Persons shall be those persons listed in Schedule 2;
Authorised Persons. : shall mean the persons authorised to directly trade on the MTS Market within the Participant’s organisational structure;
Authorised Persons means the CEO, CFO, GM, Executive, Manager of Manufacturing or Operations, Group Vendor Manager or Supply Chain Manager.
Authorised Persons means the Issuer or Trustee or any person (including any individual or entity) authorised by the Issuer or Trustee, as the case may be, to act on its behalf in the performance of any act, discretion or duty under the Master Custody Terms (including, for the avoidance of doubt, any officer or employee of such person) in a notice reasonably acceptable to the Custodian and any other such people as may be notified in writing to the Custodian by the Issuer or the Trustee
Authorised Persons means the person(s) you authorised to make enquiries in relation to the CRCS account;
Authorised Persons. : shall mean, in relation to the Trading Service, the persons employed in direct trading on the Markets within the organisational structure of the Client and of the institutional investors interconnected to the Markets via the Client as specified in the Rules;