July 2004 Sample Clauses

July 2004. Lesotho – 21 October 2002 (s) Lesotho – 24 March 2004 Namibia – 21 October 2002 (s) Namibia – 27 March 2004 South Africa - 21 October 2002 (s) South Africa – 15 June 2004 Swaziland - 21 October 2002 (s) Swaziland – 29 March 2004
July 2004. An agreement on free rent determination implies that the rent may only be reduced in those cases where the rent is unreasonably high. Therefore, the tenant may not claim a reduction of the rent, which is otherwise the case, even though the mutually agreed rent substantially ex- ceeds the cost-related rent or the value of the property. An agreement on free rent determination and rent regu- lation during the period of the tenancy must be stated in section 11 of the tenancy agreement. If an agreement on free rent determination has been made, it may be agreed that the rent in the period of the tenancy is to be regulated in accordance with the net price index. The agreement must be stated in section 11 of the tenancy agreement. If it does not appear from the tenancy agreement that the rent can be regulated in accordance with the net price index, the rent cannot be regulated during the period of the tenancy. However, the rent may be regulated as a consequence of increases in and imposition of new taxes and dues. For properties situated in unregulated munici- palities, this requires a special agreement. The agree- ment must be stated in section 11 of the tenancy agree- ment. Index-financed housing There are special rules for determining the rent in prop- erties, whose construction has been financed by index- linked loans. According to these rules, the rent may be determined so that the total rental income can cover the necessary op- erating costs of the property at the time of construction with the addition of the return on the value of the prop- erty. Corresponding rules apply to properties occupied after 1 January 1989, constructed and let by landlords subject to the act on real interest tax. For both types of properties, special rules apply to the regulation of the rent during the period of the tenancy.
July 2004. Salary The salary for the Nurse/Midwife Specialist position is based on the substantive RN/RM1 increment level plus 4% of RN/RM1 1st increment. Criteria The minimum essential criteria for this position are: At least four years experience (full-time equivalent) as a Registered Nurse/Midwife; and holds a post registration qualification as defined*; and applies specialist knowledge obtained from such additional qualification to the practice setting; and applies the findings of current research to their practice in order to improve the nursing care provided to patients/clients; and actively contributes to own professional development. * Post registration qualification means: A Graduate Diploma or higher qualification; or a hospital based certificate obtained prior to the introduction of Graduate Diploma courses. The hospital based certificates are the following, or equivalent: Accident & Emergency Anaesthetic & Recovery Cardiovascular Critical Care Cardiac Care Gerontic Intensive Care - General Intensive Care – Neonatal Midwifery Neonatology Oncology Operating Room Orthopaedic Psychiatric RN Paediatric RN Renal Stomal Therapy Classification The Nurse/Midwife Specialist position may be obtained on a personal reclassification basis provided that the applicant meets the minimum essential criteria. The Nurse/Midwife Specialist’s substantive classification remains a RN/RM1. A Registered Nurse/Midwife may only hold the title of Nurse/Midwife Specialist while the person concerned continues to meet the minimum essential criteria. Where, at performance appraisal/review it has been identified that a Nurse/Midwife Specialist has not met the minimum essential requirements during the review year, the Nurse/Midwife Specialist will be allowed three months in order to meet the requirements of the position before the person concerned is required to return to his/her substantive RN/RM1 level. Progression All employees classified in the Nurse/Midwife Specialist classification range will progress according to the Award provisions for incremental purposes.
July 2004. Effective Date: 1 January 2005 (South Africa); 1 April 2005 (New Zealand) (see Article 26).
July 2004. He suspended the access schedule and permitted telephone access to the children once per week.
July 2004. In performing all services under this Agreement, the Bank shall act in conformity with the Fund's Articles and By-Laws and the 1940 Act, as the same may be amended from time to time, and the investment objectives, investment policies and other practices and policies set forth in the Fund's Registration Statement, as the same may be amended from time to time. Notwithstanding any item discussed herein, the Bank has no discretion over the Fund's assets or choice of investments and cannot be held liable for any problem relating to such investments.
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