With a view to definition

With a view to means “with the aim of”. Examples:

Examples of With a view to in a sentence

  • An environmental notice: With a view to reduce the exponential growth of paper consumption, we would invite you only to print out electronic documents received and/or request paper copies of the price enquiry documentation if you are actually considering to submit a tender.

  • With a view to realizing these rights, and to prevent concealment, abandonment, neglect and segregation of children with disabilities, States Parties shall undertake to provide early and comprehensive information, services and support to children with disabilities and their families.

  • With a view to giving effect to this Convention, States Parties shall consider entering into bilateral or multilateral agreements or arrangements on direct cooperation between their law enforcement agencies and, where such agreements or arrangements already exist, amending them.

  • With a view to achieving a sustainable and balanced development, the Company sees increasing diversity at the Board level as an essential element in supporting the attainment of its strategic objectives and its sustainable development.

  • With a view to serving the Members better and for administrative convenience, an attempt would be made to consolidate multiple folios.

  • With a view to using natural resources responsibly, we request shareholders to update their email address with their Depository Participants to enable the Company to send communications electronically.

  • With a view to securing to the Secretary of State rights as regards inventions designs and other related matters in respect of any sub-contract the main contract provides that the main contractor shall not enter into any sub-contract for any component aforesaid without obtaining the prior approval of the Secretary of State.

  • With a view to using natural resources responsibly, we request shareholders to update their email address, with their Depository Participants to enable the Company to send communications electronically.

  • With a view to strengthening their bilateral relationship, the Parties undertake to hold a comprehensive dialogue and promote further cooperation between them on all sectors of mutual interest.

  • With a view to the speedy dispatch of business, the Court shall form annually a chamber composed of five judges which, at the request of the parties, may hear and determine cases by summary procedure.

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  • Park or "parking" when prohibited means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when standing temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers;

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  • Pharmacist services means products, goods, and services, or any combination of products, goods, and services, provided as a part of the practice of pharmacy.

  • one-way street means a highway in which the driving of vehicles otherwise than in one direction is prohibited;

  • Collector street means a street, existing or proposed, of considerable continuity which serves or is intended to serve as the principal traffic way between large and separated areas or districts and which is the main means of access to the major street system.

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  • Portfolio Management Services means management of the investment and reinvestment of the assets belonging to the Series, consisting specifically of the following:

  • Center means the center for educational performance and information created in section 94a.

  • Asset management means a systematic process of operating and maintaining the state system of

  • Street or highway means the entire width between boundary lines of every way or place of whatever nature, when any part of it is open to the use of the public for vehicular travel.

  • Data Services The Customer will receive a discount equal to 25% for the following Data Services: Access: Standard VBS2 Guide local loop charges for DS-1 Access and DS-3 Access Service.

  • Loop or "Unbundled Loop" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.2.1.

  • Outbound telephone call means a telephone call initiated by a tele- marketer to induce the purchase of goods or services or to solicit a chari- table contribution.

  • Warehouse means any premises or place primarily constructed or used or provided with facilities for the storage in transit or other temporary storage of perishable goods or for the conduct of normal warehousing business.

  • Specialty coating means a coating that, even though it meets the definition of a primer, topcoat, or self- priming topcoat, has additional performance criteria beyond those of primers, topcoats, and selfpriming topcoats for specific applications. These performance criteria may include, but are not limited to, temperature or fire resistance, substrate compatibility, antireflection, temporary protection or marking, sealing, adhesively joining substrates, or enhanced corrosion protection. A specialty coating is any coating listed in Table 10-1 of this regulation and defined in 10.2 of this regulation.

  • Outboard motor means a detachable self-contained propulsion unit, excluding fuel supply, used to propel a vessel.

  • trade in services means the supply of a service:

  • Notification Email Address means the email address(es) designated by Customer in the Admin Console.

  • Master Street Address Guide or "MSAG" is a database of street names and house number ranges within their associated communities defining particular geographic areas and their associated ESNs to enable proper routing of 911 calls. "Meet Point" is a point of Interconnection between two (2) networks, designated by two (2) Telecommunications Carriers, at which one Carrier's responsibility for service begins and the other Carrier's responsibility ends.

  • Pharmacy services means the practice of pharmacy as defined in chapter 18.64 RCW and includes any drugs or devices as defined in chapter 18.64 RCW.

  • BPO Services means Provider’s business process outsourcing services described in the applicable Solution Exhibit, whereby Provider assumes responsibility for Customers’ business processes.

  • KS means Kansas