Third Countries Sample Clauses

Third Countries. The User Institutions may negotiate with institutions in States which are not parties to the Agreement on Cooperation in Astrophysics, the transfer of part of their own observing time once the allocation of time has been made in accordance with Article 4 of this Protocol. The CSIC and the CCI shall be notified of such arrangements. The researchers invited from these countries who use that observing time shall enjoy the same privileges in the use of an observatory as the scientists of the User Institutions.
Third Countries. In any investigation or prosecution in which a national or resident of one Party is directed by the judicial process of a third country to undertake or refrain from any conduct in the territory of the other Party in a manner that conflicts with the laws or established policies of that other Party, the Parties agree to consult with a view to identifying means to avoid or minimize such conflict that the Parties might pursue between themselves, or, either jointly or inPidually, with the third country concerned.
Third Countries. ‌ All consortium partners come from EU Member States or Russia which is an International Cooperation Partner Country.
Third Countries. In case non-EU countries are involved, do the research related activities undertaken in these countries raise potential ethics issues? YES NO Do you plan to use local resources (e.g. animal and/or human tissue samples, genetic material, live animals, human remains, materials of historical value, endangered fauna or flora samples, etc.)? YES NO Do you plan to import any material - including personal data - from non- EU countries into the EU? YES NO Do you plan to export any material - including personal data - from the EU to non-EU countries? YES NO In case your research involves low and/or lower middle income countries, are any benefits-sharing actions planned? YES NO Could the situation in the country put the individuals taking part in the research at risk? YES NO
Third Countries. The agreement shall apply to all persons regardless to their nationality. On the contrary, studies are covered only insofar as they have indeed been carried out at institutions of higher education of the both countries. In case that only parts of them have been carried out in one of the two countries the agreement shall apply only to these parts. The recognition in one of the two Contracting Countries, however, is an indicator for the quality of the studies in a third country.
Third Countries. You authorize Referanza to provide the Services from any country, which means that information (including Personal Data) can be moved to, operated and supervised both from any country within the EU/EEA and from any country outside such areas (a “Third Country”). Prior to the transfer of Personal Data to any Third Country, You agree to negotiate in good faith and enter into, the EU standard contractual clauses for transfer of Personal Data to a Third Country, with You as exporter and the processor in the Third Country as importer of the Personal Data. You authorise Referanza to enter into such agreement in the name of and behalf of You.

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  • Country and Territory Names The country and territory names (including their IDN variants, where applicable) contained in the following internationally recognized lists shall be withheld from registration or allocated to Registry Operator at All Levels:

  • Competitive Products Competitive Products" means products that serve the same function as, or that could be used to replace, products the Company provided to, offered to, or was in the process of developing for a present, former, or future possible customer/partner at any time during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the last day of Participant's employment (or at any time during Participant's employment if Participant was employed for less than 12 months), with which Participant had direct responsibility for the sale or development of such products or managing those persons responsible for the sale or development of such products.