Nursing Care Sample Clauses

Nursing Care. The plan will include nursing services rendered by a graduate registered nurse (not a relative) up to an annual maximum of $5,000 per person for a period commensurate with the nature and gravity of the sickness or injury.
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Nursing Care. 12.1. This clause 12 applies when your Residential Fees are not met by Local Authority Funding.
Nursing Care. Expenses for the services of a Nurse ordered or prescribed by a Physician, provided the Nurse does not ordinarily reside in the Insured Person's Residence, subject to the maximum stated in the Schedule, per Accident or Illness.
Nursing Care. This Facility provides only general nursing care and care ordered by my treating physician/surgeon. If I w ant a private duty nurse or sitter, I agree to make such arrangements, including financial. The Facility is not responsible for failure to provide a private duty nurse or sitter, and is hereby released from 1480 any and all liability arising from the fact that the Facility does not provide this additional care.
Nursing Care. The Facility agrees to provide to the Resident general nursing care, room and board and other health care services for the comfort and well-being of the Resident as provided below. The Resident agrees to obey all rules, policies and procedures of the Facility either contained in this Contract or as posted within the Facility.
Nursing Care. Each Facility shall ensure that individuals receive nursing care consistent with current, generally accepted professional standards of care, as set forth below:
Nursing Care. Swift River provides only general nursing care unless, upon orders of the Student's physician, the Student is provided more intensive nursing care. If the Student's condition is such as to need the service of a special duty nurse, it is agreed that such must be arranged separately by the Sponsors. Swift River shall in no way be responsible for failure to provide the same and is hereby released from any and all liability arising from the fact that Student is not provided with such additional care.
Nursing Care. 11.1 If you are assessed as requiring nursing care, some (but not all) of the nursing care provided to you by the Home will be funded by the NHS. Our charges for your accommodation (as set out in the Schedule) will remain payable, either by you, the local authority or a Third Party.
Nursing Care. S1.6.1 The Council does not itself have the legal power to purchase nursing care and nothing in this specification shall be construed as creating any responsibility by the Council for the arrangement or purchase of Nursing Care which is the responsibility of Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group. Customers who require the services of a Registered Nurse may be accommodated, either permanently or temporarily, in a care home. The detailed requirements and responsibilities in relation to NHS nursing care will be provided by Wirral CCG. In such event the provision of nursing services must be subject to an agreement between the Provider and Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group.
Nursing Care. (a) RESIDENT is entitled to sixty (60) days each calendar year (which do not have to be consecutive) where he/she can receive nursing care at Llewsac Lodge, the Nursing Center or Xxxx-Xxxxxxx. During the 60 day period, RESIDENT will continue to pay his/her monthly maintenance fee plus the normal and usual charges for two additional meals per day. During this period RESIDENT will not pay the daily fee for nursing care.