For the Company Sample Clauses

For the Company. Negevtech Ltd. attn: CEO address: Beit Tamar 12 Hamada St. Rehovot 76122 tel: 08-9366050 fax: 08-9366051 For the Investors: As set out on Schedule A. or at such other address as such party may designate by fourteen (14) days’ advance written notice to the other parties.
For the Company. The Company represents and warrants that other --------------- than US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, no person, firm or corporation has acted in the capacity of broker or finder on its or their behalf to bring about the negotiation of this Agreement. The Company agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Buyer against any claims or liabilities asserted against it by any person acting or claiming to act as a broker or finder on behalf of the Company.
For the Company. If this Agreement is validly terminated pursuant to Section 8.1 in the circumstances in which the Parent Termination Fee is payable pursuant to Section 8.3(c), Parent’s payment of the Parent Termination Fee to the extent owed pursuant to Section 8.3(c) (including, without duplication, the Company’s right to enforce the Guarantee with respect thereto and receive the Parent Termination Fee from Guarantor), any amounts owed pursuant to Section 8.3(e) and the Reimbursement Obligations, and the Company’s right to specific performance pursuant to Section 9.10 (subject to the limitations set forth in Section 9.10), will be the sole and exclusive remedies of the Company and any Company Related Party against (A) Parent, Merger Sub or Guarantor; and (B) the former, current and future direct or indirect holders of any equity, controlling persons, Representatives, Financing Sources, Affiliates (other than Parent, Merger Sub or Guarantor), members, managers, general or limited partners, stockholders and assignees of each of Parent, Merger Sub and Guarantor (the Persons in clauses (A) and (B) collectively, the “Parent Related Parties”) in respect of this Agreement, the Financing Letters, the Guarantee (subject to the Company’s right to enforce the Guarantee) and the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and by such agreements (including any breach by Guarantor), Parent or Merger Sub, the termination of this Agreement, the failure to consummate the Merger or any claims or actions under applicable Law arising out of any such breach, termination or failure. Upon payment of the Parent Termination Fee and the Reimbursement Obligations (to the extent due) to the Company, none of the Parent Related Parties will have any further monetary liability or obligation to the Company Related Parties relating to or arising out of this Agreement, the Financing Letters, the Guarantee or the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and by such agreements (except that (1) Parent and Merger Sub (or their Affiliates) will remain obligated with respect to, and the Company and its Subsidiaries may be entitled to remedies with respect to, the Confidentiality Agreement, Section 8.2, Section 8.3(a) (with respect to the expenses of Parent and Merger Sub) and Section 8.3(e); and (2) Guarantor will remain obligated, and the Company and its Subsidiaries may be entitled to remedies, with respect to the Guarantee (to the extent provided therein)). The foregoing will not preclude any liability o...
For the Company. (i) The Website IP and the Trademarks shall at all times be used in a form and manner that is consistent with the registered or applied-for format of the Website IP and the Trademarks or the then current practices of Sub, and otherwise in a form and manner that is reasonably in keeping with the image, reputation and goodwill symbolized by and associated with the Website IP and the Trademarks.
For the Company. White Spot Restaurants For The Union: Unifor Local 3000 Denise Buchanan Lisa Mcarthur Carina Hirner Bryce Wensley Clare Elbro Linda Shiels Joe Mandarino Melissa Baroni Lorna Spence Heather MacCormack Ellen-Marie Moreira Sandi McManus Re: Contracting Out-Janitor Work‌ During the term of this Agreement, the Employer will not contract out existing janitor work. However, when current employees in the classification leave the position, the Employer may decide to contract out such work. For The Company: White Spot Restaurants For The Union: Unifor Local 3000 Denise Buchanan Lisa Mcarthur Carina Hirner Bryce Wensley Clare Elbro Linda Shiels Joe Mandarino Melissa Baroni Lorna Spence Heather MacCormack Ellen-Marie Moreira Sandi McManus LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #5 Between White Spot Limited And Unifor Local 3000 Re: Closure Should any White Spot restaurants close permanently; the following program will be implemented to address the concerns of long service employees of securing employment with adequate hours in another restaurant and our concern of maintaining an experienced team until final closure. Therefore: For employees with: Ten (10) years’ service or more • Guaranteed placement will be made no later than upon closure into one (1) of the restaurants listed below, and, • At least seventy-five percent (75%) of their average normal weekly hours of work for six (6) months following placement will be provided.
For the Company. Dino De Simone Ken Campbell Chris Macdonald Larry Ruffner Bob Clifford FOR THE UNION: Roger Paquette Robert Crawford Scott Girardin Robert Adams Albert Cappelli Mark Stasso Archie Cervini Jim Wright Robin Matteis June 25, 2011 Mr. Roger Paquette President, Local 459 United Food & Commercial Workers 261 Erie Street South Leamington, Ontario N8H 3C4 Dear Mr. Paquette: The following is in confirmation of the terms of the Company’s long term total disability insurance plan.
For the Company. 7. The Company agrees that it will provide to the Union photocopies of the information as referred to in paragraph 2 of this Memorandum. Such photocopies will be sent by mail or facsimile to the Union's regional office. MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT Between: CALCO METAL MANUFACTURING CORP. (the “Company”) And: UNITED STEELWORKERS (the “Union”) RE: ISO TRAINING RECORDS (Rob Mason, USW Area Co-ordinator) (Tim Liston, Calco Metal Manufacturing Corp.)
For the Company. FOR THE IBEW: (Original Signed) (Original Signed) Paul C. Galante - Chairman William D. Huber - Chairman ATTACHMENT E AMENDED LETTER OF UNDERSTANDINGSUBCONTRACTING WORK VERIZON CONNECTED SOLUTIONS, INC. – IBEW LOCAL 827 August 3, 2003 Except for the types of work or situations listed in the next paragraph, Verizon Connected Solutions, Inc. (Connected Solutions),: will (1) make regular use of employees in the bargaining unit for routine installation, maintenance and repair of communications facilities and equipment (including, but not limited to, telephone and video) from what is commonly referred to as the terminal/TAP/ONU up to and including the “set top box” and other termination points and outlets within the customer’s residence and/or place of business and (2) will not subcontract the portion of this work involving installation and maintenance on telephone loops/drops (excluding installation of video/telephony composite drops) prior to offering to Verizon New Jersey, Inc., (VNJ) the opportunity to do this work. Furthermore, the Company will not use contractors to perform this work (a) where a layoff of bargaining unit employees would be the direct result or (b) where a layoff has occurred, unless and until all such laid off former regular employees who retain recall rights and are available and qualified to perform such work have been offered reemployment. The work described in the preceding paragraph does not include the following work or situations:  burying, trenching, use of Flow Mole or similar technologies, conduit, innerduct, rods, or other structures used to support, route or enclose communications facilities, and in the case of customer-owned facilities, placement and repair of poles, strand, anchors, guys and tree trimming;  emergencies, peak work loads and in those situations where there are insufficient qualified employees to meet the needs of the business; and,  work performed by employees of Verizon New Jersey and Verizon Services Corp., pursuant to written arrangements between Connected Solutions and those companies. Nothing herein supercedes or nullifies the commitments to Local 827, IBEW contained paragraph 5 of the Amended Network Operations Line of Business Broadband Network Agreement, dated August 3, 2003. For the term of this Agreement expiring August 1, 2015 this letter constitutes a modification to Management's Right to subcontract under Article 3 of the Agreement.
For the Company. 20.01 This Agreement shall become effective on the 1st day of June 2021 and shall remain in effect until the 31st day of May 2023 and shall be renewed automatically from year to year thereafter unless either party gives notice of amendment to the other party within ninety (90) days prior to the anniversary date in any year. In the event that either party serves notice to the other party of its desire to amend this Agreement, then this Agreement shall continue in effect until such time as a new agreement has been reached or until the conciliation procedures, as required by legislation, have been completed. SCHEDULE "A" CATEGORY START 60 DAYS WORKI NG 8 MONT HS LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4 "A" Operator June 1/17 $16.55 $17.65 $18.25 $18.85 $20.05 "B" Shipping/Recei ving Inspection June 1/17 $19.90 $20.75 $22.10 $23.15 "B" Welder June 1/17 $19.90 $20.75 $22.10 $23.15 "B" Bender June 1/17 $19.90 $20.75 $22.10 $23.15 "B" Layout & Quality Assurance June 1/17 $19.90 $20.75 $22.10 $23.15 The Employer agrees to pay each employee the net sum of $250 on June 1, 2021. The Employer agrees to pay each employee the net sum of $250 on Dec 1, 2021. “The Employer agrees to pay each employee the net sum of $250 on June 1, 2022. The Employer agrees to pay each employee the net sum of $250 on Dec 1, 2022. Any and all statutory personal deductions applicable will be the sole responsibility of the Employer and will be in addition to the $250 net pay to each employee. The net amount payable to the employees will remain the same. Employees in the Operator Category shall automatically progress to the next higher level/rate commencing with their first day of employment. Commencing with the starting rate, then upon their 60th day working, then upon their 8th month of employment, then upon completion of 12 months of employment the Level 1 rate, then upon completion of 16 months of employment the Level 2 rate, then upon completion of 20 months the Level 3 rate. Employees in a “B” category shall, at the Level 1 rate, automatically progress after 12 months to Level 2 and then, after 8 months, progress to Level 3. Advancement to Level 4 is made on the basis of the employee’s skill and ability to perform the work required. Following a period of twelve (12) months in a Level 3 job category, the employee may request a written evaluation to assess their skill and ability in order to advance to the Level 4 rate of pay. The evaluation shall be based on the employee's demonstrated skills and ...