Order of Seniority Sample Clauses

Order of Seniority. In matters where seniority is a controlling factor and two (2) or more employees have identical seniority dates, then the priority order for such matters will be determined by alphabetical order of the employees' last names. In a case where two (2) or more employees' last names are identical, then the alphabetical order of the employees' first names will be used.
Order of Seniority a. As new Employees are hired, their names are entered in the employment record database in the order of hire. Thus, names of newly hired employees will appear in sequence in the order of hire. Upon their acquiring seniority, their names are entered on the permanent "Seniority and Classification Listing" in exactly the same order in which their names appear in the employment record database.
Order of Seniority. Order of seniority in this article shall mean seniority in the same classification (job title) at that work location, taking into consideration the nature of the work to be performed and the needs of the District. A current classified seniority list is attached as Appendix C. An updated seniority list shall be maintained by the District and available to CSEA during the term of this contract upon request.
Order of Seniority. 11 Employees shall be laid off in the following order:
Order of Seniority. An employee's seniority shall be determined as follows: Order of Importance Seniority
Order of Seniority. An employee's seniority shall be determined as follows:
Order of Seniority. For employees with equal lengths of service in a job, order of seniority shall be determined by Department seniority; if Department seniority is equal, then University seniority will apply.
Order of Seniority. The relative seniority of two or more employees hired or appointed on the same date shall be in the order of their hiring or appointment by the hiring or appointing officer.
Order of Seniority. NEW HIRES Seniority for employees (new hires) who enter service on the same date and in the same class will be determined in alphabetical order.
Order of Seniority. All other hours to be offered to employees shall be in order of seniority pursuant to Article 6.0 of this Agreement including special events.