Equitable Relief definition

Equitable Relief means the Contractor acknowledges and agrees that the unauthorized use, disclosure, or loss of Confidential Information may cause immediate and irreparable injury to the individuals whose information is disclosed and to the State, which injury will not be compensable by money damages and for which there is not an adequate remedy available at law. Accordingly, the parties specifically agree that the State, on its own behalf or on behalf of the affected individuals, may seek injunctive or other equitable relief to prevent or curtail any such breach, threatened or actual, without posting security and without prejudice to such other rights as may be available under this Agreement or under applicable law. Confidential Information does not include information which is required to be disclosed by operation of law.
Equitable Relief means, in the context of the exercise or prosecution of claims or causes of actions, any claim or cause of action for immediate relief (such as a Seller’s remedies to stop goods in transit, withhold or refuse delivery, reclaim or replevy goods and resell goods), or in respect of equitable relief (such as temporary and permanent injunctive relief, and specific performance).
Equitable Relief means an order of specific performance, mandatory injunction, or other appropriate preliminary or permanent equitable relief.

Examples of Equitable Relief in a sentence

  • The Court extended the duration of the TRO pursuant to the Interim Preliminary Injunction on November 20, 2018.The FTC filed a motion to amend the Complaint and a proposed Amended Complaint for Permanent Injunction and Other Equitable Relief (“Amended Complaint”) on December 28, 2018 (Doc.

  • Relief that is intended to compensate victims is treated as fiduciary funds and deposited into the “Legal or Equitable Relief Fund” established at the Department of the Treasury.

  • Equitable Relief You acknowledge and agree that your breach of this Agreement would cause Music Tribe irreparable harm for which money damages alone would be inadequate.

  • Dana Muir, From Schism to Prism: Equitable Relief in Employee Benefit Plans, 55 AM.

  • Complaint for Permanent Injunction and Other Equitable Relief, FTC v.

More Definitions of Equitable Relief

Equitable Relief means the relief described in section D.
Equitable Relief. Both UCI and PA shall be entitled to injunctive and/or other equitable relief to prevent breach of the Agreement.
Equitable Relief shall have the meaning set forth in Section 12.07(e).
Equitable Relief means an action for specific performance, injunction, declaratory judgment, or other form of equitable relief or remedy.
Equitable Relief means a preliminary restraining order, an injunction, or any other available equitable remedy.
Equitable Relief shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.4.
Equitable Relief means seeking, applying for, pursuing and obtaining any one or more of the following: