Delivery Services definition

Delivery Services means those services provided by the
Delivery Services means the pickup of one or more local products from a local merchant and delivery of the local products to a customer. “Delivery services” do not include any delivery requiring over 75 miles of travel from the local merchant to the customer.
Delivery Services means the fulfllment of delivery requests, meaning the pickup from any location of any item or items and the delivery of the items using a passenger vehicle, bicycle, scooter, walking, public transportation, or other similar means of transportation, to a location selected by the customer located within 50 miles of the pickup location. A delivery request may include more than one, but not more than 12, distinct orders placed by different customers. Delivery services may include the selection, collection, or purchase of items by a DNC courier provided that those tasks are done in connection with a delivery that the DNC courier has agreed to deliver. Delivery services do not include deliveries that are subject to Section 26090, as that section read on October 29, 2019.

Examples of Delivery Services in a sentence

  • For each Order picked up or delivered using Delivery Services, you must pay the relevant Fees set out in the Agreement which may apply.

  • This Section D applies where we have agreed to procure Delivery Services for you.

More Definitions of Delivery Services

Delivery Services means a service provided by us to collect and deliver the Orders from your Restaurant to a Customer. Delivery Time means, where you arrange delivery yourself, either the delivery time indicated by you via the Connection Method (with a maximum of 60 minutes) or the delivery time priorly indicated by the Customer and confirmed by you, by which the Order will be delivered to the Customer.
Delivery Services means those services provided by the electric utility that are necessary in order for the transmission and distribution systems to function so that retail customers located in the electric utility's service area can receive electric power and energy from suppliers other than the electric utility, and shall include, without limitation, standard metering and billing services.
Delivery Services means your provision of delivery services to or on behalf of Users via the Uber Services in the Territory using the applicable Transportation Method.
Delivery Services means the fulfillment of delivery requests made by a delivery network company customer through a digital network, including the pickup of any good and the delivery of the good to a delivery network company customer by a delivery network driver. Delivery services may include a series of deliveries to different customers.
Delivery Services means the combination of Regional Network Service (“RNS”) over PTF acquired pursuant to the ISO Tariff, Local Network Service (“LNS”) over Buyer’s Non-PTF pursuant to the Eversource’s local service schedule in the ISO open access transmission tariff, and distribution services under Buyer’s distribution service tariffs that are provided by Buyer for the delivery of Standard Service Requirements and LRS Requirements.
Delivery Services means postal and courier or express services, including activities of the collection, sorting, transport, and delivery of postal items;
Delivery Services. ’ means postal services, courier services, express delivery services or express mail services, which include the following activities: the collection, sorting, transport, and delivery of postal items;