Laid Off Employees Sample Clauses

Laid Off Employees. A) Should vacancies occur following layoff, those employees on layoff will be recalled to these positions in order of seniority providing they have the capabilities and the qualifications to perform the duties of the vacant position. If no employee on layoff possesses the required capabilities and qualifications, the vacant position will be posted pursuant to Article 15.01.
Laid Off Employees. Recall lists shall be maintained by seniority for each classification for the layoff unit affected by layoff. Each laid off employee shall automatically have his/ her name placed upon the layoff unit recall list, in order of seniority, for the classification, and layoff unit, from which he/she is laid off. In addition, each laid off employee shall have the right, upon request, to have his/her name placed upon a departmental recall list, in order of seniority, for the classification from which he/she is laid off, for each layoff unit at which he/she will accept recall. The employee shall notify the Employer in writing of his/her designation within seven calendar days subsequent to being laid off. The Employer will furnish a standardized form to each employee for recall designation. Return from a departmental recall list shall be in order of seniority. In addition, the laid off employee shall have the right to have his/her name placed upon the layoff unit recall list, in seniority order, for such additional classifications in which he/she has satisfactorily completed a probationary period in this bargaining unit. Such employee shall also have the right to have his/ her name placed on departmental lists(s), and statewide interdepartmental recall lists for such position(s) as provided above.
Laid Off Employees. Individuals on layoff who have provided an email address to the Human Resources Department will be notified of DISTRICT-wide Internal Only and Internal/External vacancy postings. A laid off employee interested in applying for the vacancy will be subject to the applicable recruitment procedures set out in paragraphs B.2, or B.3, below. Additional information specific to laid off employee recall rights is located in Article 30, Layoff and Recall.
Laid Off Employees. The Company will provide each Local, on a monthly basis, with information on employees laid off for lack of work after notification has been given to the employees; the information will consist of the name, home address of record, continuous service date, occupation, department, and Xxxxxxx. A list of employees on recall by work location shall also be provided quarterly (effective 1/1/01). The Xxxxxxx will give to the Xxxxxxx information on extended layoffs, whenever possible one week before the employee is laid off.
Laid Off Employees. 1. Laid off employees will notify the employer at the time of layoff if they want to utilized as a TPT employee during the period of layoff. Employees who do not initially opt to be placed on the TPT list, may at a later date, notify the Company in writing of their intent to have their name placed on the list.
Laid Off Employees a. The following rules will apply to employees, other than probationary, who are laid off due to shortage of work:
Laid Off Employees. If a vacancy occurs while there are employees on layoff the following procedures will be in effect.
Laid Off Employees. The effective date of layoff shall be the employee's last day working at the Town. When a vacancy exists and employees are to be re-employed, notice of the opening(s) shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address on file in the Human Resources Department. It shall be incumbent upon the laid-off employee to advise the Human Resources Department in writing, via certified mail, return receipt requested, of any change in address. The laid-off employee shall have ten (10) business days, following the certified mailing to notify the Town in writing, via certified mail, return receipt requested, of their intent to return to work.
Laid Off Employees. Laid-off employees shall be considered on-campus employees for two (2) years following the effective date of their layoff. Laid-off employees shall have access to on-campus training opportunities to the same extent as current employees for two (2) years after the effective date of their layoff.