Section 8.2 Sample Clauses

Section 8.2. 11 All BPAC positions listed above are on call positions. The amount of hours and days of work available 12 will depend upon the actual number of events and performances held in the BPAC and the staffing needs 13 for each event.
Section 8.2. 1. 8 Annual vacation with pay shall accrue to secretarial employees and 2,080 hour aides at the rate of 9 one (1) workday for each month of continuous service if their employment is continuous for six 10 (6) months or longer. After the completion of the fifth (5th) year, or beginning with the sixth (6th) 11 year of continuous employment, one (1) additional workday of vacation with pay shall be allowed 12 each year through the thirteenth (13th) year of employment to a maximum of twenty (20) workdays 13 each year. At the completion of 21 years of employment shall receive twenty-two (22) workdays 14 each year. Vacation Schedule Years of Service Vacation Days 6 13 7 14 8 15 9 16 10 16 11 18 13-20 20 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Section 8.2. 5 An employee teaching a morning and afternoon kindergarten session shall be provided 40 no less than thirty (30) minutes, excluding his or her duty free lunch period, for transition between the 41 sessions. 42 43 SECTION 8.3 - CLASSROOM VISITATION 44 45 To assure minimal interruption to student learning, the following will occur: 46 1 Principals will confer with employees to arrange a convenient time for classroom visitations by parents 2 or patrons. Employees shall be given an opportunity to confer with such visitors prior to and/or 3 subsequent to any visit. 4
Section 8.2. 6 If an employee is required to work on any of the above-named holidays she/he shall be paid at the rate 7 of double time for hours worked in addition to holiday pay.
Section 8.2. Each regular employee shall be entitled to earn other paid leave to be used for 43 employee illness, injury, (temporary disability, and maternity) or emergency leave as defined herein. 45 A deduction of other paid leave credit will be made for the number of hours of absence from duty, to 46 the nearest quarter hour period of time, for other paid leave taken.
Section 8.2. 6 Vacation days will be computed and recognized as of September 1 of each year. For a partial year, an 7 employee will be granted a prorated share of his/her vacation time. For the following years, vacations 8 are based upon a September 1 anniversary date. During an employee’s first partial year of 9 employment, the employee will be granted prorated vacation days as of September 1. For the 10 following years, vacation time will be computed on September 1 anniversary date. The first year of 11 employment must be at least ninety (90) workdays to be computed for vacation purposes. 13 Based upon the previous conditions, upon completion of the first (1st) year of service with the School 14 District, each regular employee shall be granted five (5) days vacation. Upon completion of the second
Section 8.2. 11 Each new hire shall remain in a probationary status for a period of not more than seventy-five (75) days of 12 work following the hiring date. During this probationary period, the District may discharge such 13 employee without recourse. Such discharge is not subject to the grievance procedure. Employees will not 14 be granted a transfer to another position within the bargaining unit during the probationary period, unless 15 an exception is granted by mutual agreement between the District and the Union.
Section 8.2. 1. 9 Any vacation credit currently due but unused by the accrual date each year may be carried over 10 for one (1) year following the accrual date with the approval of the immediate supervisor and
Section 8.2. 6 All hours worked on the sixth (6th) and seventh (7th) consecutive day shall be compensated at the rate of 7 one and one-half (1½) times the employee's base hourly rate.