Service Contract Sample Clauses

Service Contract. The Parties intend this Agreement to be a "service contract" within the meaning of Section 7701(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
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Service Contract. The Parties intend this Agreement to be a “service contract” within the meaning of Section 7701(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Purchaser will not take the position on any tax return or in any other filings suggesting that it is anything other than a purchase of electricity from the System.
Service Contract. This Contract is a contract between You and Us that provides the specified services outlined herein. This contract is not an insurance policy and provides no insurance coverage or insurance benefits to You.
Service Contract. “Service Contract” means any of the contracts or other arrangements, written or oral, for the continuing provision of services relating to the improvement, maintenance, repair, protection or operation of the Hotel, but does not include the Hotel Management Agreement, the Hotel License Agreement or any Equipment Leases.
Service Contract. Dealer agrees to comply with Westlake's policies and procedures regarding the administrator, underwriter, form and price of any extended service contract, limited warranty or mechanical breakdown protection contract (“Service Contract”). Dealer further agrees to cancel the Service Contract upon Customer's written request, or where applicable, Westlake's written request, and to remit or cause the administrator or underwriter to remit and refund the unearned portion of the Service Contract premium to Westlake, as required by Westlake. Any Contract providing for a Service Contract will also provide that Westlake must be named lienholder on such Service Contract.
Service Contract. A service contract is available at an extra charge on this vehicle. Ask Your Dealer for details as to coverage, deductible, price, and exclusions.
Service Contract. During the Term, Illumina shall offer and Customer shall purchase and maintain a Service Contract for all Illumina Hardware that Customer owns or uses. Existing service contracts that Customer has will terminate on the Effective Date and Illumina shall issue Customer a credit for any unused portion. Subject to the terms of the Service Contract and the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Illumina will, […***…]:
Service Contract. While you have no obligation to do so, you understand that you may (subject to the contract being available to us) purchase a contract under which you will have the right to have a portion of the costs of repair of certain major mechanical breakdowns of the Vehicle and some related expenses paid by the contract administrator listed in the contract. The term of this protection is the number of months stated here from the date of this Lease or until the Vehicle’s odometer shows the miles stated here, whichever happens first. If you have elected to purchase a service contract, you have also reviewed the terms of the service contract which describe the details of this protection and understand that a copy of the filled-in contract will be sent to you as soon as practical. If checked , you have chosen to purchase the service contract for the price shown here, which will be paid at Lease signing, if so indicated in paragraph 2.e., or otherwise amortized in the monthly payments. Service Contract Price $ Miles Months
Service Contract. No director will be appointed to the Company in connection with the Acquisition.
Service Contract. Since this Agreement provides for the sale of electric energy from the Project, which is an alternative energy facility under Section 7701(e)(3)(D) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, this Agreement is a service contract within the meaning of Section 7701(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.