Section 8.1 Sample Clauses

Section 8.1. Section 8.1 of the Warrant Agreement shall be amended by deleting subclauses (d) and (e) and subclause (iii) therein in their entirety. Any grammatical or other adjustments necessary in the language surrounding such deletions shall be deemed to have been made and incorporated therein in all respects.
Section 8.1. Section 8.1 of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended by (i) deleting the word “and” at the end of clause (l) of such section, (ii) deleting the period at the end of clause (m) of such section and replacing it with “; and” and (iii) inserting the following new clause (n) at the end of such section:
Section 8.1. 18 The District will provide each employee two (2) days of in-service training per year (days will be equal 19 to the number of hours in their normal shift). Employees shall be released from duties to attend such 20 training. Subjects and dates will be mutually discussed with final determination to be made by the 21 District. 23 The District and the Association will form an in-service committee to plan in-services. This committee 24 will include representation from each classification (Child Nutrition, Custodial, Paraeducators, Grounds, 25 Trades, Warehouse, and Family Engagement Liaisons) and the PSEA Chapter President or Vice 26 President. 27 28 Amend Section 11.0 as follows: 29
Section 8.1. 5 The Association and the District agree that the cornerstone of student learning is high 21 quality instruction. We further agree that time spent to support that instruction, both independently and 22 collaboratively, is essential, and that communication and engagement with families and the 23 community, and support of school events during and outside of the school day, are necessary and good.
Section 8.1. Section 8.1 of the Combination Agreement is hereby amended to delete paragraph (g) thereof in its entirety.
Section 8.1. For purposes of the Agreement, Section 8.1(c) shall be deleted and replaced in its entirety with:
Section 8.1. 33 The seniority of an employee within the bargaining unit shall be established as of the date on which the 34 employee began continuous daily employment for the San Xxxx Island School District (hereinafter "hire 35 date") unless such seniority shall be lost as hereinafter provided.
Section 8.1. 1.2 37 Substitute employees shall accrue sick leave in accordance with the requirements of the 38 Revised Code of Washington and the Washington Administrative Code. Substitute 39 employees shall accrue at least one (1) hour of sick leave for every forty (40) hours 40 worked. 41
Section 8.1. 1. 35 All full-time employees shall receive the following paid holidays: 37 New Year’s Eve Day Labor Day 38 New Year’s Day Veteran’s Day 39 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Day Thanksgiving Day 40 President’s Day Day After Thanksgiving 41 Memorial Day Christmas Day 42 Independence Day *Floating Holiday 44 * Requires two (2) weeks notice and date subject to approval of the District.
Section 8.1. 1. 3 Compensatory time must be used within thirty (30) calendar days from the date earned unless an 4 extension is mutually agreed to by employee and supervisor.