State of Maryland Sample Clauses

State of Maryland. All of Xxxxx County The above geographical area is agreed upon by the parties to include the area defined by the Secretary of Labor to be the appropriate prevailing wage areas under the Xxxxx-Xxxxx Act to which the Agreement applies.
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State of Maryland. AIMCO after the Effective Time is sometimes referred to herein as the "Surviving Corporation." The effects and the consequences of the Merger shall be as set forth in Section 1.2.
State of Maryland. The protection of the Maryland Tort Claims Act cap is only assured in the State of Maryland. Outside the country, language and laws differ, and defense by the Office of the Attorney General is not feasible, so it is recommended that insurance be purchased through the rental car company when outside the USA. If damage occurs to a rental vehicle, the renter should immediately report the incident to their Agency Insurance Coordinator (Xxxxxx Xxxxxx). The Agency Insurance Coordinator would then file an XXXXX accident report with the State Insurance Division and refer the rental company to the Insurance Division. As with all insurance claims, the University will be held responsible for the first $1,000 of damages.
State of Maryland. If you agree to be legally bound by the provisions of this Agreement, please sign a copy of this letter where indicated below and promptly return it to us, at 1420 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000. Very truly yours, ACCESSOR FUNDS, INC. Date: ____________________ By: ________________________ (Authorized Officer) Title: Accepted and Agreed to: [NAME OF COMPANY] Date: ____________________ By: ________________________ (Authorized Officer) Title: SCHEDULE A This Shareholder Service Agreement shall be entered into with respect to the Investor Class shares of the following Portfolios of Accessor Funds, Inc.:
State of Maryland. Real Estate taxes on owner-occupied properties are generally paid on a semi-annual basis in advance and are assessed on a fiscal basis. The fiscal year is July 1 to June 30. Taxes on non- owner-occupied properties are paid on an annual basis. SAMPLE District of Columbia: Real Estate Taxes are paid bi-annually, six (6) months in arrears. The tax levies are April 1-September 30 and October 1-March 31. The bills are payable in September and March, without penalty. Note: If your Lender is escrowing for payment of your taxes, it will request your tax bill and you will receive an acknowledgement copy.
State of Maryland. (Note: This clause can be disregarded when the Consultant is an individual, and not represented by a Corporation). Pursuant to 7-202, et. seq. of the Corporation and Associations Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, corporations not incorporated in the State of Maryland shall be registered with the State Department of Assessments of Taxation, 000 Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, before doing any interstate or foreign business in this State. By signing this Agreement, the Consultant certifies that it has qualified with the Department of Assessments and Taxation.
State of Maryland. The State of Maryland advises that, in 1997, it executed, with both CSX and NS, letter agreements that included commitments from both companies as to the actions they would take to preserve and improve rail service in the State following implementation of the Conrail Transaction. The State of Maryland further advises that it is pleased to report that representatives of both CSX and NS continue to work with the State to implement the commitments they made in order to secure the State’s support for the transaction. The State of Maryland adds that, although the story is not over (because economic factors and other matters have prevented the railroads from implementing all of the actions described in the 1997 letters within the time frames described), the State will continue to work with CSX and NS to fulfill the obligations under the letter agreements. State of Michigan. The State of Michigan advises that, on account of improved transportation options for area shippers, rail traffic has grown significantly in the Detroit SAA since 2000 (overall traffic, the State notes, has reportedly grown by 17%, and intermodal traffic by 55%). The State further advises that CSX and NS are working with the State to address intermodal terminal capacity and service issues, and have executed a public/private funding partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation to double intermodal capacity in the Livernois Yard in the Detroit SAA. Michigan’s shippers, the State concludes, appear to have been well served by the acquisition of Conrail and the establishment of the Detroit SAA. United Transportation Union. UTU reports that it has had a generally positive experience respecting the integration of Conrail lines into CSX and NS. Indeed, UTU adds, it would recommend that CSX and NS give consideration to creating more SAAs. Virginia Port Authority (The Port of Virginia). The Port of Virginia advises that the Conrail Transaction has been beneficial to ports, the shipper community, and U.S. consumers, and it adds that it supports the planned termination of the general oversight proceeding. The Port explains that, since the Split Date, its rail volume has increased 44%, and, although NS has retained its dominant role at the Port, there has been more competition, with CSX now serving 9 Midwest origins/destinations as compared to just one in 1999. The Port further advises that this added competition, as well as the competition that has been created in the New York market, has r...
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State of Maryland. I hereby certify that this is a true and complete copy of the 21 page document on file in this office, DATE: 9-20-11 STATE DEPARTMENT OF ASSRSSMENTS AND TAKATION By: /s/ Xxxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, custodian This stamp replaces our previous certification system, Effective: 6/95 EXHIBIT B LIST OF MEMBERS, CAPITAL, AND MEMBERSHIP UNITS2 Name and Address Current Capital Contribution Membership Units Percentage of Outstanding Membership Units Lakes Maryland Development, LLC $ 2,105,000 182,222 91.11 % 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Addy Entertainment LLC $ 205,364 17,778 8.99 %
State of Maryland. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Maryland Board of Pharmacy -- Distributor Permit expiring December 31, 1999.
State of Maryland. Each of Parent and the Borrower has full and adequate power to own their respective Properties and conduct their respective businesses as now conducted, and are duly licensed or qualified and in good standing in each jurisdiction in which the nature of their respective businesses conducted by them or the nature of the Properties owned or leased by them requires such licensing or qualifying and where the failure to be so qualified could reasonably be expected to have, in each instance, a Material Adverse Effect.
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