Coverage for the Sample Clauses

Coverage for the. City as Additional Insured shall specifically include the City’s officials and employees and be at least as broad as provided to the Contractor for this Contract.
Coverage for the foregoing will start on the date of completion of three (3) months continuous service, or when an employee becomes eligible to have his/her name entered on the seniority list.
Coverage for the teacher’s spouse, dependents and other eligible family members shall be offered to participating employees at their own expense.

Related to Coverage for the

  • Insurance or Other Medical Coverage Patient acknowledges and understands that this Agreement is not an insurance plan, and not a substitute for health insurance or other health plan coverage (such as membership in an HMO). It will not cover hospital services, or any services not personally provided by Direct Doctors. Patient acknowledges that Direct Doctors has advised that patient obtain or keep in full force such health insurance policy(s) or plans that will cover Patient for general healthcare costs. Patient acknowledges that this Agreement is not a contract that provides health insurance, and this Agreement is not intended to replace any existing or future health insurance or health plan coverage that Patient may carry.

  • No Limitation by Insurance The obligations under this Article 26 will not be limited in any way by any limitation of subcontractor’s insurance.

  • How to Add or Remove Coverage for Family Members If your plan offers family coverage, you must notify your employer if you want to add or remove family members according to the Special Enrollment provisions described above. When adding or removing a family member, inform your employer in advance of the requested effective date and your employer will notify us. All requests must be made through your employer. We cannot directly add or remove coverage for you or your family members.

  • Ownership of Property; Insurance Coverage (a) Innes Street and the Citizens Bank each has good and, as to real property, marketable title to all material assets and properties owned by Innes Street or Citizens Bank in the conduct of their business, whether such assets and properties are real or personal, tangible or intangible, including assets and property reflected in the balance sheets contained in the Innes Street Regulatory Reports and in the Innes Street Financials or acquired subsequent thereto (except to the extent that such assets and properties have been disposed of in the ordinary course of business, since the date of such balance sheets), subject to no material liens, mortgages, security interests or pledges, or to the knowledge of Innes Street, encumbrances, except (i) those items which secure liabilities for public or statutory obligations or any discount with, borrowing from or other obligations to FHLB of Atlanta, inter-bank credit facilities, or any transaction by Citizens Bank acting in a fiduciary capacity, and (ii) statutory liens for amounts not yet delinquent or which are being contested in good faith. Innes Street and Citizens Bank, as lessee, have the right under valid and subsisting leases of real and personal properties used by Innes Street and Citizens Bank in the conduct of their business to occupy or use all such properties as presently occupied and used by each of them. Such existing leases and commitments to lease constitute or will constitute operating leases for both tax and financial accounting purposes and the lease expense and minimum rental commitments with respect to such leases and lease commitments are as disclosed in the notes to the Innes Street Financials.

  • Standard of Care; Uncontrollable Events; Limitation of Liability BISYS shall use reasonable professional diligence to ensure the accuracy of all services performed under this Agreement, but shall not be liable to the Trust for any action taken or omitted by BISYS in the absence of bad faith, willful misfeasance, negligence or reckless disregard by it of its obligations and duties. The duties of BISYS shall be confined to those expressly set forth herein, and no implied duties are assumed by or may be asserted against BISYS hereunder. BISYS shall maintain adequate and reliable computer and other equipment necessary or appropriate to carry out its obligations under this Agreement. Upon the Trust's reasonable request, BISYS shall provide supplemental information concerning the aspects of its disaster recovery and business continuity plan that are relevant to the services provided hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing or any other provision of this Agreement, BISYS assumes no responsibility hereunder, and shall not be liable for, any damage, loss of data, delay or any other loss whatsoever caused by events beyond its reasonable control. Events beyond BISYS' reasonable control include, without limitation, force majeure events. Force majeure events include natural disasters, actions or decrees of governmental bodies, and communication lines failures that are not the fault of either party. In the event of force majeure, computer or other equipment failures or other events beyond its reasonable control, BISYS shall follow applicable procedures in its disaster recovery and business continuity plan and use all commercially reasonable efforts to minimize any service interruption. BISYS shall provide the Trust, at such times as the Trust may reasonably require, copies of reports rendered by independent public accountants on the internal controls and procedures of BISYS relating to the services provided by BISYS under this Agreement. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING IN THIS AGREEMENT TO THE CONTRARY, IN NO EVENT SHALL BISYS, ITS AFFILIATES OR ANY OF ITS OR THEIR DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR SUBCONTRACTORS BE LIABLE FOR EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, OR LOST PROFITS, EACH OF WHICH IS HEREBY EXCLUDED BY AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH DAMAGES WERE FORESEEABLE OR WHETHER EITHER PARTY OR ANY ENTITY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

  • Coverage Term All insurance required herein shall be maintained in full force and effect until all work or services required to be performed under the terms of this Agreement are satisfactorily performed, completed and formally accepted by the City, unless specified otherwise in this Agreement.

  • Medical Coverage The Executive shall be entitled to such continuation of health care coverage as is required under, and in accordance with, applicable law or otherwise provided in accordance with the Company’s policies. The Executive shall be notified in writing of the Executive’s rights to continue such coverage after the termination of the Executive’s employment pursuant to this Section 3(d)(iv), provided that the Executive timely complies with the conditions to continue such coverage. The Executive understands and acknowledges that the Executive is responsible to make all payments required for any such continued health care coverage that the Executive may choose to receive.

  • Coverage Minimum Requirement Commercial General Liability Insurance, including Bodily Injury, Personal Injury, Property Damage, Advertising Injury, and Medical Payments Each Occurrence General Aggregate $ 1,000,000 $ 2,000,000 Automobile Liability Insurance - Any Auto Each Occurrence General Aggregate $ 1,000,000 $ 2,000,000 Professional Liability $ 1,000,000 Workers Compensation Statutory Limits Employer’s Liability $ 1,000,000

  • Coverage Limits Insurance coverage limits required to be carried by the Contractor under this Section shall be as follows:

  • Coordination with Workers' Compensation When an employee has incurred an on-the- job injury or an on-the-job disability and has filed a claim for workers' compensation, medical costs connected with the injury or disability shall be paid by the employee's health plan, pursuant to M.S. 176.191, Subdivision 3.