Collective bargaining representative definition

Collective bargaining representative means the persons
Collective bargaining representative means a person who represents a union.

Examples of Collective bargaining representative in a sentence

  • Collective bargaining representative account (10100-X2610A-121100, A0755-D7).

  • II.B. Collective bargaining representative - for purposes of this directive, collective bargaining representative is defined as any elected officer, district trustee, steward, officer of the union, business agent, or union employee for code employee unions of any recognized bargaining unit.

  • During the pendency of any action brought challenging the provisions of this Fair Share Agreement or the right of the County and the Collective bargaining representative to enter into such an Agreement, all sums which the County has agreed to deduct from the earnings of the deputies involved in the litigation and transmit to the Treasurer of the collective bargaining representative shall be placed in Trust with the Treasurer of the County pending the ultimate disposition of such action.

  • Collective bargaining representative appointed national dental care costs associated press this general chairperson shall have not covered by seniority amongst themselves.

  • Collective bargaining representative to bargain collectively bargained for.

More Definitions of Collective bargaining representative

Collective bargaining representative means with respect to a Bargaining Unit, the Union and a local thereof to which recognition is extended by an Employer for that Bargaining Unit.
Collective bargaining representative means the collective bargaining representative of the Partici- pants duly recognized by the ParticipantsEmployer.

Related to Collective bargaining representative

  • Exclusive bargaining representative means any employee

  • Bargaining Unit means the bargaining unit recognized in accordance with Article 3.

  • Union has the meaning set forth in Section 3.21(b).

  • Union Representative means a representative from the Union authorized by the Union to act on behalf of an Employee.

  • authorised employee means a municipal employee who is authorised in terms of delegated or sub-delegated authority by the Municipality to exercise a power or perform a duty in terms of this By-law or to inspect land and buildings in order to enforce compliance with this By-law or the zoning scheme;

  • Group Grievance is defined as a single grievance, signed by a Steward or a Union Representative on behalf of a group of employee who have the same complaint. Such grievances must be dealt with at successive stages of the Grievance Procedure commencing with Step 1. The grievors shall be listed on the grievance form.

  • Contractor’s Representative means the individual authorised to act on behalf of the Contractor for the purposes of the Contract.