Bargaining Unit Member Sample Clauses

Bargaining Unit Member. The term "bargaining unit member" is defined as regular full-time and part-time employees hired to work at least twenty (20) hours per week on a regular basis. Excluded are managerial, supervisory, confidential, temporary (less than ninety [90] calendar days; or in the case of an employee who fills the position of an employee on leave, not more than six [6] months) professional, hourly, and students. Bargaining unit positions shall not be filled by students and/or hourly workers.
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Bargaining Unit Member. Subject to the more detailed provisions of Articles I (Recognition) and XV (Seniority Credit), a bargaining unit member generally is an adjunct faculty member who is earning Seniority Credit (based on at least three credit hours of classroom instruction provided on the College's campus or away from campus but within Central New York) for the current semester (Fall/Spring) or summer session, or who in at least one of the preceding three semesters (Fall/Spring) or summer sessions has earned Seniority Credit (based on the same three credit hours of classroom instruction) in anyone semester/session . Bargaining Unit Member status is not attained by virtue of online teaching or the teaching of hybrid courses which required less than 30% of normal class time. Bargaining Unit Members who teach only in the summer lose Bargaining Unit Member status if they do not teach at least three credits hours for two consecutive xxxxxxx. Other Bargaining Unit Members lose Bargaining Unit Members status if they do not teach at least three credit hours for four consecutive semesters/sessions.
Bargaining Unit Member. Classroom teachers, instructional staff, support staff, such as Media Specialist, ICP Coordinator, Vocational Evaluator, Special Education Coordinator, Technology Technician, and Guidance Counselors hired after July 1, 2010 are Members of the Bargaining Unit. Bargaining Unit Members are hereinafter referred to as all professional, non-supervisory licensed/certified personnel employed by the Board, including but not limited to department chairpersons. The bargaining unit shall not include any personnel employed as management level personnel (e.g. Superintendent, directors) or Supervisors as defined in Section 4117.01 of the Ohio Revised Code. None of the Bargaining Unit Members’ rights guaranteed by Chapter 4117 of the Ohio Revised Code shall be abridged by this Agreement.
Bargaining Unit Member. Bargaining unit members hereinafter shall mean all certificated/licensed, non-supervisory teachers employed by the Board of Education. The bargaining unit shall not include any personnel employed as management level personnel (superintendent, assistant superintendent, directors, principals, assistant principals), supervisors as defined in Revised Code, Chapter 4117.07 (J) or 4117.07 (K), casual employees or substitute employees that have not completed sixty one (61) consecutive days in the same position. Positions created after the execution of this agreement shall be classified and determined by SERB. The following classifications shall exist for wages and fringe benefits for bargaining unit members:
Bargaining Unit Member. Bargaining unit members, hereinafter "
Bargaining Unit Member. An employee who is part of the Union and is legally represented by the Union.
Bargaining Unit Member. Any person legally employed by the Board and a member of bargaining unit represented by the Union.
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Bargaining Unit Member. An employee who is included in the appropriate unit as defined in Article 2, and therefore covered by the terms and provisions of this agreement.
Bargaining Unit Member. All members of the bargaining unit who are members of the Union at the signing of this agreement will remain members in good standing. Should a bargaining unit member accept a position that is either non-represented (E-Team) or represented by another City bargaining unit, such person will no longer be a member of this bargaining unit on the effective date of the appointment. Any employee who comes under the jurisdiction of the bargaining unit as outlined in Article 2.1 will, within 30 days of entering the bargaining unit, become and remain a member of the Union for the remaining term of this agreement. In the event said employee does not wish to become a member of the Union because of bona fide religious tenets per RCW 41.56.122(1), he or she will pay each month an amount of money equivalent to regular current union dues to the Union, who will then transmit that amount to a non-religious charity that is agreeable to the Union and the Employee. The parties agree that this Article will be interpreted consistently with state and federal law.
Bargaining Unit Member. 6. The Athletic Director, henceforth, shall be certified administrator or have comparable experience in an athletic field.
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