Bargaining Unit Members Sample Clauses

Bargaining Unit Members hired before July 1, 1995 Those Bargaining Unit Members whose current regular assigned work shift ends after 5:00 p.m. or commences before 7:30 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. and who are currently receiving a shift differential pay of five percent (5%) for time worked after 5:00 p.m. or before 7:30 a.m. shall continue to receive said differential.
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Bargaining Unit Members. 1. Teacher(s) shall mean all certificated/licensed personnel, but excluding the Superintendent, Director of Human Resources, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Principal, Assistant Principal, Technology Coordinator, Director of Pupil Services, county employees, day-to-day substitutes, home instruction tutors, High School Athletic Director, and all other supervising and managerial personnel. Additionally, if any certificated/licensed employee holds a part-time administrative position during the regular school year that is excluded from the bargaining unit, his/her individual teaching position shall also be excluded from the bargaining unit for the period that he/she is in the part-time administrative position.
Bargaining Unit Members. The minimum salary for new full-time AAUP-2 bargaining unit members employed after the effective date of this Agreement shall be as follows: Year Bachelor's Degree Or Equivalent Master's Degree Or Equivalent Doctorate Or Equivalent 2018-20 $60,642 $66,379 $72,109
Bargaining Unit Members. The bargaining unit members' annual term of employment shall include the number of days which the Board adopts in the annual school calendar. The school calendar for bargaining unit members includes a maximum of 185 days of obligation. SECTION 701
Bargaining Unit Members hired on or after January 1, 2000 shall be added to the seniority list based on their first day of work.
Bargaining Unit Members affected by any course changes under this section may appeal the Department Chairperson’s decision to the Xxxx.
Bargaining Unit Members. All personnel eligible for membership in the Association as defined in Article 2, UNIT DEFINED. BARGAINING UNIT – Classified employees who are listed in Article 2, Unit Defined.
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Bargaining Unit Members. By the tenth (10th) day of Fall quarter, the College shall provide the Association with a list of the employee identification number, name, hire date, employee type, salary schedule placement (both adjunct and Full-Time rank), home address, work and personal phone numbers, program assignment, work and personal email addresses of all bargaining unit members.
Bargaining Unit Members. 1. The bargaining unit (hereinafter "Employee" or "Teacher") shall be comprised of all certificated/licensed, non-supervisory personnel employed under regular teaching contracts including, but not limited to, all classroom teachers (K-12, Adult, Special, and Vocational), long- term substitutes, guidance counselors, librarians, media and program specialists, and head teachers.
Bargaining Unit Members assigned to a second (2nd) shift or third (3rd) shift will be paid their regular daily rate of pay when they are not required to report for work as per this section.
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