Classroom Teachers Sample Clauses

Classroom Teachers. All employees serving as classroom teachers, music teachers, 51 elementary physical education teachers, reading improvement teachers, special education 52 teachers, and resource teachers shall be evaluated during each school year on the basis of the 1 adopted criteria and appropriate criterion indicators: 3 Eight (8) Evaluation Criteria, per RCW 28A.405.100:
Classroom Teachers. 12.20.1 In the year of school closure the affected teachers from the closing school will be assigned positions in accordance with the terms of Article 12. The Committee on Redundancy will consider stated subject preferences from the above teachers in declaration of surplus.
Classroom Teachers. Classroom Teachers may only be placed on probation based on the overall summative score for the Comprehensive evaluation system described above.
Classroom Teachers b. School counselors
Classroom Teachers. The work day of all classroom teachers shall begin thirty (30) minutes before the time at which his/her regular classes at the assigned school are scheduled to begin in the morning.
Classroom Teachers. The normal work week for a full-time teacher regularly assigned as a 6-12 classroom teacher shall include: