Special Conditions definition

Special Conditions means those conditions, if any, set forth in Section 13 of the Loan Authorization Agreement.
Special Conditions means the documents containing terms and conditions, which may be unique to the Project. Special Conditions are a part of the Contract Documents and have precedence over these Uniform General and Supplementary Conditions.

Examples of Special Conditions in a sentence

  • For easy completion, whenever reference has to be made to specific clauses in the Bid Data Sheet or Special Conditions of Contract, these terms shall be printed in bold typeface on Sections I (Instructions to Bidders) and III (General Conditions of Contract), respectively.

  • Modifications for specific Procurement Project details should be provided in the Special Conditions of Contract as amendments to the Conditions of Contract.

  • Specific details, such as the “ name of the Procuring Entity” and “address for bid submission,” should be furnished in the Instructions to Bidders, Bid Data Sheet, and Special Conditions of Contract.

  • Matters governing performance of the Supplier, payments under the contract, or matters affecting the risks, rights, and obligations of the parties under the contract are included in the GCC and Special Conditions of Contract.

  • This Preface and the footnotes or notes in italics included in the Invitation to Bid, Bid Data Sheet, General Conditions of Contract, Special Conditions of Contract, Schedule of Requirements, and Specifications are not part of the text of the final document, although they contain instructions that the Procuring Entity should strictly follow.

More Definitions of Special Conditions

Special Conditions. , shall mean any additions to, departure from and/or amendment of the General Conditions as set out in the Special Conditions of Contract forming part of the Bid Documents. Should any special conditions conflict with the General Conditions, the Special Conditions shall apply.
Special Conditions means the special conditions, which are included in the RFP.
Special Conditions means any addition to or departure from or amendment of these Standard Conditions as set out in Annexure “A”: Alterations by Tenderer hereof.
Special Conditions means the terms and conditions of the Authority’s Business Diversity Program as set forth in this document.
Special Conditions means the special terms and conditions (if any) set out in the Tariff which are applicable to the Services.
Special Conditions means the terms and conditions of ASM GLOBAL’s Business Diversity Program as