Project Plans Sample Clauses

Project Plans. The Contractor: must carry out the Contractor's Activities in accordance with, and otherwise implement, the Project Plans; and for the purposes of subparagraph (i), must: prepare Project Plans based, where applicable, on the draft Project Plans lodged by the Contractor in its tender for the Contractor's Activities, and otherwise in accordance with the requirements of the Contract and submit them to the Contract Administrator so as to ensure that there is no delay or disruption to the Contractor's Activities and in any event no later than the number of days specified in the Contract Particulars after the Award Date for each Project Plan; not commence any of the Contractor's Activities to which any Project Plan applies, unless the Contract Administrator has had the number of days specified in the Contract Particulars for each Project Plan to review the Project Plan and has not rejected the Project Plan; if any Project Plan is rejected, submit an amended Project Plan to the Contract Administrator; in any event, finalise each Project Plan so as to ensure that there is no delay or disruption to the Contractor's Activities and in any event in accordance with the requirements of the Contract to the satisfaction of the Contract Administrator; after each Project Plan has been finalised: regularly review, update and amend each Project Plan in accordance with the process set out in each Project Plan (and otherwise at least on each anniversary of the Award Date); update or amend a Project Plan on request of the Contract Administrator; and continue to correct any defects in or omissions from a Project Plan (whether identified by the Contract Administrator or the Contractor), and submit an updated or amended Project Plan to the Contract Administrator, after which: the Contractor must continue to comply with the requirements of the then current Project Plan until the process in subparagraph (ii) has been completed in respect of the updated or amended Project Plan; and subsubparagraphs B - E will apply (to the extent applicable); and document and maintain detailed records of all: reviews, updates, amendments and submissions of each Project Plan; audits or other monitoring of each Project Plan; and training and awareness programs and communications provided to Contractor and subcontractor personnel in respect of each Project Plan (including each updated or amended Project Plan). The Contractor will not be relieved from compliance with any of its obligations under the Contr...
Project Plans. With respect to a new project to be governed by this Agreement, a new Project Plan shall be added by agreement in a writing signed by the Parties and appended to Appendix A. Each Project Plan shall include a description of the Services to be provided, the Product to be manufactured, Specifications, a schedule for completion of the Project Plan, pricing details, and such other information as is necessary for relevant Services. In the event of a conflict between the terms of a Project Plan and this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement will govern.
Project Plans. The: Environmental Management Plan; ESD and WOL Plan; Estate Information Provision Plan; Project Lifecycle and HOTO Plan; Quality Plan; Site Management Plan; Work Health and Safety Plan; and additional plans specified in the Subcontract Particulars and finalised by the Consultant under clause 7.4(a)(ii), as updated or amended under clause 7.4.
Project Plans. In addition to all submission requirements under the PDCA, the Participating County shall submit to BSCC the architectural and design documents, drawings, specifications, calculations, general and special conditions, submittals, Project budgets, schedules and contracts (collectively, “Plans”) within the time frames as specifically set forth in Exhibit B and as otherwise may be required by the Project Documents and Applicable Laws. As a condition to the financing to be provided by the State through interim financing or the sale of the Bonds, Participating County shall cause to be prepared, in a form that are ready to construct, all required Plans and bid documents necessary to solicit bids, and complete the Project on time and within budget. Participating County is solely responsible for preparing all Plans and other documents for the public bidding process, as provided by Applicable Law. Participating County shall not solicit bids for the Project until BSCC, together with the State Fire Marshal, have approved the final construction documents and specifications and the Department of Finance has approved these documents and specifications.
Project Plans. (if applicable) Project plans are developed for specific non-suppression, fire related projects or activities. (See related clause: Joint Projects and Project Plans).
Project Plans. The two (2) copies of the Project Plans delivered to the Lessor by the Lessee (A) are true and correct and satisfactory to the Lessee and (B) have been filed with and approved by all appropriate Governmental Authorities. All necessary Permits relating to the Project Plans to be issued or granted by any applicable Governmental Authority having or claiming jurisdiction over the Leased Property have been obtained and all such Permits are in full force and effect, are not subject to any unexpired appeal periods or any appeals or challenges which have not been fully resolved in favor of the Lessee, and do not contain any conditions or terms relating to the Leased Property which have not been fully satisfied or which will not be fully satisfied by the completion of the construction of the Project (in accordance with the Project Plans and the terms and provisions of this Agreement). Furthermore, the Project Plans have been approved in writing by the Lessor, any construction heretofore performed on the Project has been performed in accordance with the Project Plans and all future construction on the Project shall be performed in accordance with the Project Plans and the terms and conditions of this Agreement. There are no structural defects in the Project of which the Lessee has been advised or of which the Lessee has notice or knowledge. The Lessee has not received any notice claiming that, and the Lessee has no knowledge that, the Project Plans violate any Legal Requirement;
Project Plans. The plans (if any) referred to in the Contract Particulars (which may include the Environmental Management Plan, the Site Management Plan and/or the Work Health and Safety Plan) and prepared and finalised by the Consultant under clause 5.15, as amended (if at all) with the written consent of the Commonwealth's Representative.
Project Plans. Approvals; IT Equipment to the extent relating to software; the documents which the Consultant is obliged to maintain under clause 11.15; and without limiting paragraphs (a) - (e), any other data, documents, drawings, records, programs and information (including Estate Information and information relating to the Consultant's compliance with the WHS Legislation) and material: produced; or provided, or required to be provided, to the Contractor or the Contractor's Representative, under, for the purposes of, arising out of or in connection with the Subcontract, the Services or the MCC Works by, for or on behalf of the Consultant.
Project Plans. Applicability of document and construct delivery clauses: (Clauses 6.13 and 6.14) Clauses 6.13 and 6.14 [DO/DO NOT] apply. (Clauses 6.13 and 6.14 do not apply unless otherwise stated) Number of days for sample review: (Clause 6.16(b)(ii) and 6.16(d)) days CLAUSE 7 - SITE Applicability of Latent Condition clauses: (Clauses 7.3 and 7.4) Clauses 7.3 - 7.4 [DO/DO NOT] apply. (Clauses 7.3 and 7.4 apply unless otherwise stated) CLAUSE 8 - CONSTRUCTION Existing Approvals and other Approvals which the Commonwealth is to obtain: (Clause 8.3) Statutory Requirements with which the Contractor does not need to comply: (Clause 8.3(b)(i)) Work which requires approval to subcontract or which must be let to one of the named subcontractors: (Clause 8.5(a)) Work or Goods Subcontractors Stages for which Collateral Warranties required: (Clause 8.6) Collateral Warranties required to be procured by the Contractor from subcontractors and provided to the Commonwealth: (Clause 8.6) As set out in Annexure 1 Option for responsibility for preparation of design for Provisional Sum Work: (Clause 8.8) [OPTION 1/OPTION 2] applies. (Option 1 applies unless otherwise stated) Contractor to invite tenders for Provisional Sum Work from the following tenderers: (Clause 8.9(a)(i)) Work Tenderers Form of subcontract approved for Provisional Sum Work: (Clause 8.9(a)(ii)) Percentage excess entitling additional profit and attendance: (Clause 8.12) [To be inserted following selection of the successful Tenderer] (20% unless otherwise stated) Percentage for additional profit and attendance for Provisional Sum Work exceeding provisional sum allowance by stated percentage: (Clause 8.12) [To be inserted following selection of the successful Tenderer] Stages for which a certificate signed by a licensed surveyor is required as condition precedent to Completion: (Clause 8.15) Access hours for Contractor's Activities on Site: (Clause 8.23) Imported items: (Clause 8.24) Clause 8.24 [DOES/DOES NOT] apply. (Clause 8.24 does not apply unless otherwise stated) [IF CLAUSE 8.24 APPLIES, INSERT DETAILS OF IMPORTED ITEMS TO WHICH CLAUSE 8.24 WILL APPLY] Exchange rate lodged by the Contractor in its tender: (Clauses 8.24(b)(i)) Requirements for Contract Administrator's Office: (Clause 8.26) Number of project signboards: (Clause 8.27(a)) Project signboard dimensions: (Clause 8.27(a)(i))