Capacity Building Sample Clauses

Capacity Building. 1. Contractor will work in partnership with AOD to study the viability of billing under Drug Medi-Cal and 3rd party payer.
Capacity Building. Capacity building shall be provided through effective implementation of programmes to strengthen individual Member Statesdomestic capacity, efficiency and competitiveness, such as the Work Programme under the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) and other capacity building initiatives.
Capacity Building. The contribution of civil society to development can be enhanced by strengthening community organisations and non-profit non-governmental organisations in all spheres of cooperation. This will require: – encouraging and supporting the creation and development of such organisations; – establishing arrangements for involving such organisations in the design, implementation and evaluation of development strategies and programmes. TITLE II THE POLITICAL DIMENSION
Capacity Building. 1. Effective implementation of this Agreement requires assistance to be provided to some Range States, including through research, training or monitoring for implementation of conservation measures for albatrosses and petrels and their habitats, for the management of those habitats as well as for the establishment or improvement of scientific and administrative institutions for the implementation of this Agreement.
Capacity Building. 4.4.1. The CONTRACTED PARTY should schedule the Capacity-Building Training Sessions on the bases of the following criteria: BUSINESS GROUP Monitoring 20 min/month Training 360 min/month
Capacity Building. (1) The TPTC shall -
Capacity Building. (1) The TPTC shall - identify capacity building programmes necessary for the implementation and monitoring of this Agreement; and prioritise the capacity building programmes for implementation. The Parties shall, individually and, where appropriate, jointly, be responsible for ensuring that capacity is developed in their respective States and in the shared basins to effectively implement this Agreement.