Technical Requirements Sample Clauses

Technical Requirements. The NID shall provide an accessible point of interconnection and shall maintain a connection to ground.
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Technical Requirements. Tandem Switching shall have the same capabilities or equivalent capabilities as those described in Telcordia TR-TSY-000540 Issue 2R2, Tandem Supplement, June 1, 1990. The requirements for Tandem Switching include but are not limited to the following:
Technical Requirements. 10.2.3 Signaling Link Transport shall consist of full duplex mode 56 kbps transmission paths and shall perform in the following two ways:
Technical Requirements. The requirements set forth in this Section apply to Local Switching, but not to the Data Switching function of Local Switching.
Technical Requirements. STPs shall provide access to BellSouth Local Switching or Tandem Switching and to BellSouth Service Control Points/Databases connected to XxxxXxxxx XX0 network. STPs also provide access to third-party local or tandem switching and third-party-provided STPs.
Technical Requirements. 6.7.1 BellSouth shall offer DS0 equivalent interface transmission rates for DS0 or voice grade Dedicated Transport. For DS1 or DS3 circuits, Dedicated Transport shall at a minimum meet the performance, availability, jitter, and delay requirements specified for Customer Interface to Central Office (CI to CO) connections in the applicable industry standards.
Technical Requirements. To the extent available within BellSouth’s Network at a particular location, BellSouth will offer loops capable of supporting telecommunications services such as: POTS, Centrex, basic rate ISDN, analog PBX, voice grade private line, ADSL, HDSL, DS1 and digital data (up to 64 kb/s). If a requested loop type is not available, then the CLEC can use the Special Construction process to request that BellSouth place facilities or otherwise modify facilities in order to meet <<customer_name>>’s request.
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Technical Requirements. STPs provide interconnection to the functions of signaling networks or to third party SS7 networks connected to the Sprint SS7 network. These functions include:
Technical Requirements. This Section sets forth technical requirements for all Dedicated Transport.
Technical Requirements a. Design surveys and construction surveys must be performed under the supervision of a RPLS currently registered with the TBPLS.
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