Additional Provisions Sample Clauses

Additional Provisions. The By-Laws may include further provisions for Shareholders' votes and meetings and related matters.
Additional Provisions. The By-Laws may include further provisions for Shareholders' votes and meetings and related matters not inconsistent with the provisions hereof.
Additional Provisions. (1) The Escrow Agent will be protected in acting and relying reasonably upon any notice, direction, instruction, order, certificate, confirmation, request, waiver, consent, receipt, statutory declaration or other paper or document (collectively referred to as “Documents”) furnished to it and purportedly signed by any officer or person required to or entitled to execute and deliver to the Escrow Agent any such Document in connection with this Agreement, not only as to its due execution and the validity and effectiveness of its provisions, but also as to the truth or accuracy of any information therein contained, which it in good faith believes to be genuine.
Additional Provisions. (a) The SubManager represents that it is regulated by the FCA in the conduct of its investment business. The SubManager has in operation a written procedure in accordance with FCA rules for the effective consideration and proper handling of complaints from customers. Any complaint by the Manager or any Fund should be sent to the Compliance Officer of the SubManager. The Manager and any Fund is also entitled to make any complaints about the SubManager to the Financial Ombudsman Service established by the FCA. The Manager and any Fund may also request a statement describing its rights to compensation in the event of the SubManagers inability to meet its liabilities. (b) The Manager represents that it and each Fund are Professional Customers in the meaning of the FCAs rules. (c) Although each Fund is not a party hereto and shall have no responsibility for the Managers or the SubManagers obligations hereunder, each Fund is named as explicit third party beneficiary of the parties agreements hereunder.
Additional Provisions. Each party hereto is hereby advised and acknowledges that the other party has engaged in (or refrained from engaging in) substantial financial transactions and has taken (or refrained from taking) other material actions in reliance upon the entry by the parties into the Transaction being entered into on the terms and conditions set forth herein and in the Confirmation relating to such Transaction, as applicable. This paragraph shall be deemed repeated on the trade date of each Transaction.
Additional Provisions. Section 5. The Bylaws may include further provisions, not inconsistent with this Declaration of Trust, regarding Shareholders’ voting powers, the conduct of meetings and related matters.
Additional Provisions. Notwithstanding the terms of Sections 5 and 6 of the ISDA Form Master Agreement, if the Counterparty has satisfied its payment obligations under Section 2(a)(i) of the ISDA Form Master Agreement, and shall, at the time, have no future payment or delivery obligation, whether absolute or contingent, then unless BNY is required pursuant to appropriate proceedings to return to the Counterparty or otherwise returns to the Counterparty upon demand of the Counterparty any portion of such payment, (a) the occurrence of an event described in Section 5(a) of the ISDA Form Master Agreement with respect to the Counterparty shall not constitute an Event of Default or Potential Event of Default with respect to the Counterparty as the Defaulting Party and (b) BNY shall be entitled to designate an Early Termination Date pursuant to Section 6 of the ISDA Form Master Agreement only as a result of a Termination Event set forth in either Section 5(b)(i) or Section 5(b)(ii) of the ISDA Form Master Agreement with respect to BNY as the Affected Party or Section 5(b)(iii) of the ISDA Form Master Agreement with respect to BNY as the Burdened Party.
Additional Provisions. Any application of the Rents will not cure or waive any Default or invalidate any other right or remedy of Lender. This Section 10 does not relieve Borrower of Borrower’s obligations under Section 6. This Section 10 will terminate when all the sums secured by this Security Instrument are paid in full.
Additional Provisions. The following additional provisions shall apply to each Letter of Credit:
Additional Provisions. 1. The terms of this policy will continue in full force and effect unless changed through the negotiations process as set forth in Policy 4135.