Service Provider Sample Clauses

Service Provider. 2.1. The parties to the Agreement agree that the Service Provider is and will be the service provider solely for BTMU and not the sub-contractor or agent of each Seller. Each Seller consents to BTMU outsourcing to the Service Provider the management of certain administrative functions under this Agreement, it being understood that only the rights and obligations issuing from this Electronic Services Schedule shall be outsourced.
Service Provider. Except as provided specifically herein, Service Provider shall not be, and shall not hold itself out as, an agent of the Transfer Agent or any Scudder Fund. Service Provider shall perform the following functions on behalf of the Plans in accordance with procedures established from time to time by agreement of the Transfer Agent and Service Provider, and subject to terms and conditions set forth in each Scudder Fund's current prospectus.
Service Provider. Service Provider represents and warrants to ---------------- Recipient that the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement have been duly authorized by all necessary action of Service Provider and this Agreement is a valid and binding obligation of Service Provider, enforceable in accordance with its terms, except as such enforcement may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, fraudulent conveyance or other similar laws affecting the enforcement of creditor's rights generally and subject to the applicability of general principles of equity and principles of public policy.
Service Provider. Service Provider further represents, warrants and covenants that:
Service Provider. Service Provider represents, warrants and covenants to DIR that: