Service Delivery definition

Service Delivery means providing, either directly or through contractual arrangements, comprehensive breast and cervical cancer screening and cardiovascular disease and stroke risk factor screening, diagnosis, and treatment services through tracking of screening intervals, timeliness of diagnosis, and timeliness of treatment of individuals.
Service Delivery means delivery of any certificate, receipt, license, orders related to services, information under RTI, No Objection Certificates, permissions, or any other proof of service, change in names in records , and any physical service like water connection, sewerage connection, dustbin deployment, repair and maintenance of any roads or property of Silvassa Municipal Council and any other service prescribed in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Municipal Council Regulation 2004, rules and bye-laws made thereunder or which Silvassa Municipal Council is duty-bound to provide under any other law for the time being in force or under any administrative, contractual or legal obligation but shall not include enforcement on illegal construction, court replies, punitive actions on employees or such other matter as may be resolved by Silvassa Municipal Council by a simple majority to this effect.
Service Delivery. In the most basic interaction with the customer, United’s service standards encompass the foundation of service, which is: 1) Greet the customer. 2) Use the customer’s name. 3) Listen to the customer and respond to their needs. 4) Give direction to the next step. 5) Acknowledge the customer’s importance to United and thank them for flying United Express. Goals: • Lobby line wait time: 10 minutes • Jet bridge delivery time: 1 minute • Meet the inbound aircraft (non-jet bridge locations) and open aircraft passenger door within 2 minutes of block time.

Examples of Service Delivery in a sentence

  • This item is to be completed only if the Intensive In- Community Service Delivery Encounter Documentation Form includes documentation of the delivery of Behavioral Assistance or IIC Services by employees or contractors of an agency who are billing for reimbursement under the agency’s Medicaid/NJ FamilyCare provider number.

  • Remote services must follow guidance in VR-SFP 3.4.8 Remote Service Delivery.

  • A project is any entity that receives MEP funds and provides services directly to migrant children in accordance with the State Service Delivery Plan and State approved subgrant applications or contracts.

  • Service Delivery Specialist II Responsible for on-site installing, maintaining, repairing and supporting Unisys and multi-vendor systems that include hardware and software and does basic networking server installations.

  • Service Delivery Specialist I Responsible for on-site installing, maintaining, repairing and supporting Unisys and multi-vendor systems that include hardware, software, and networking products as well as operating systems.

More Definitions of Service Delivery

Service Delivery. The school district recognizes the type of service purchased is direct and consultative. Service may be conveyed on site or through a previously agreed to video conferencing format. Off-site services, in the form of telephone, e-mail, lesson planning, research and materials generation may also be used.
Service Delivery. Progress made in implementing the Europol function, and the quality of service being delivered.
Service Delivery means the provision of a service or services, product or products, by a state entity or state entities to persons, other state entities, constitutional state entities, independent state entities, local government entities, federal entities, private entities, or nonprofit entities.
Service Delivery. Progress made in implementing new processes/functions, the quality and impact of service being delivered through these processes.
Service Delivery means providing specific services for and on behalf of MPI for export phytosanitary and seed certification programmes and treatment supplier programmes for import risk goods. Scope of approval may include product inspection, phytosanitary treatment services, auditing of sub-contractors, completing pest surveys, use of the certification mark for wood packaging, undertaking seed varietal activities, and preparation of Certificates for an official signature and stamp of authorisation relating to Certification that are specified in the attached document entitled “Organisation System”.
Service Delivery. Visit Service delivery timeline link for information on response, resolution, ticket update frequency and other criteria. Service Limitations: Staff who need IT assistance must reach out to Consolidated Help Desk. For Texas Center for Infectious Disease support see item F.2. Related Policy or Statute: Not applicable. Receiving Area Responsibilities: Program staff must provide Help Desk staff with requested information and follow direction for resolution. Service Type (Core Support, Area-Initiated, Both): Core Support and Area-Initiated Service. This service is delivered as a core support service to the HHS system and upon request based on the terms outlined for this service. Required Provision (y/n): Yes. IT is required to provide this service based on the terms described within this document. Required Use (y/n): Yes. HHSC programs and divisions are required to use this service, as needed, through IT based on the terms described within this document.
Service Delivery means the point in which a Qualifying Project is available and ready to use at the speci- fied performance standards prescribed in the Partnership Agreement.