Personal Characteristics Sample Clauses

Personal Characteristics. I understand that in order to be eligible to compete in the National Finals, I hereby certify to the Personal Characteristics set forth in this section:
Personal Characteristics. A. Dependability/Attendance E. Adapts readily to new situations, demands and emergencies.
Personal Characteristics. A. Cooperation, Exceptionally cooperative, excellent rapport ability to work High degree of cooperation, good relationships with others ( i.e. Adequate colleagues, students, Improvement needed community members) Unsatisfactory
Personal Characteristics. S U Indicators: The Counselor;
Personal Characteristics. INDICATOR 1 2 3 NA
Personal Characteristics. I understand that in order to be eligible to compete in the Miss Type Competition/Title this section: Competition, I hereby certify to the Personal Characteristics set forth in 2.6.1. Gender. I am a female.
Personal Characteristics. ▪ Supports the values and ethos of a Catholic school in the Marist tradition. ▪ Supports the community through the continued promotion of the vision and mission of the College. ▪ Operates effectively in a collaborative team environment through maintaining excellent rapport and strong professional working relationships with colleagues. ▪ Serving the students and families of the College in a professional manner. ▪ Demonstrates empathy, respect, tolerance and acceptance amongst staff, students and parents. ▪ Extremely well presented with a professional, positive, warm and welcoming disposition. ▪ Demonstrates high levels of confidentiality. ▪ Demonstrates a strong work ethic and an enduring commitment to providing exceptional service. ▪ Flexibility and adaptability in responding to change and the challenges of a fluid environment. ▪ A person of high integrity, cultivating trust, credibility, honesty and loyalty. Duties and Responsibilities All members of the College staff are required to demonstrate: ▪ Consistent and wholehearted support and witness to the Catholic and Marist values and ethos and the Vision and Mission of the College. ▪ Team focus and professional interactions at all times with all members of the College community. ▪ Commitment to regular training and development (where appropriate), including upgrading qualifications where required ▪ Adherence to all workplace policies and procedures, including the Staff Code of Conduct. From time to time, changes may need to be made to the duties and responsibilities of this position, due to changing College operational needs. The current specific duties and responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to the following: ▪ Transporting children to and from the College ▪ Maintain a clean and mechanically-sound bus at all times ▪ Obey all traffic laws ▪ Perform inspections of the bus before and after each use ▪ Ensure the safety of all passengers on the bus ▪ Assist students getting on and off the bus as required Other
Personal Characteristics. A. Ability to work with others – Employee exhibits cooperation, self-control, tact, working relations that influence overall job effectiveness and moral.
Personal Characteristics. Initiative – Interested in work. Willing to make decisions and work independently. Maintains good attendance.
Personal Characteristics. Component 6.1 Exhibits self-control, mature behavior and sound judgment Component 6.2 Maintains an appearance which does not detract from the educational process Component 6.3 Exhibits proper command of language skills, both written and oral Component 6.4 Evidences energy and enthusiasm Component 6.5 Carries through with suggestions for improvement Component 6.6 Demonstrates loyalty to district philosophy and brings about change through established procedures Component 6.7 Develops rapport between student and counselor 3. MEDIA SPECIALIST Media Specialists will be evaluated based upon the following criteria: Criterion 1 Knowledge and Scholarship in Special Field Component 1.1 Demonstrates a depth and breadth of knowledge of theory and content in the special field Component 1.2 Relates and applies knowledge to the delivery of his/her services Criterion 2 Management of Special and Technical Environment Component 2.1 Selects and uses the resources deemed necessary and app0ropriate to serve the needs of the pupil