Annual Evaluation Sample Clauses

Annual Evaluation. On or about March 1st of each year during the term of this Agreement, the Board shall review the performance of the District Superintendent for the previous year by utilizing the evaluation instrument annexed hereto as Exhibit “A”. The annual performance review of the Board shall be based upon the success in attaining the goals established by the Board and District Superintendent each year in July, and such other criteria as is set forth in the evaluation instrument. The evaluation shall be reduced to written form and presented to the District Superintendent with periodic opportunities to discuss District Superintendent-Board relationships. Upon the mutual agreement of the parties, the evaluation instrument may be modified for subsequent evaluations. The Board shall also devote a portion of one meeting during the month of December to a general discussion, in executive session, for a general discussion with respect to the District Superintendent’s performance and his working relationship with the Board. The performance evaluation prepared pursuant to this section shall be confidential, and the confidentiality of such evaluation shall be maintained by the Board and the individual members of the Board.
Annual Evaluation. A. The Board shall evaluate the performance of the Superintendent at least once a year in accordance with statutes, regulations and Board policy relating to Superintendent evaluation. Each annual evaluation shall be in writing and shall represent a majority of the Board. A copy of the evaluation shall be provided to the Superintendent, and the Superintendent and the Board shall meet to discuss the findings. The Board may meet in closed session to discuss the evaluation and the Superintendent’s performance where a Rice notice has been served upon the Superintendent, giving notice that the Superintendent’s employment will be discussed in closed session, and the Superintendent has not requested that the meeting be conducted in public. The evaluations shall be based upon the criteria adopted by the Board and the Superintendent, the goals and objectives of the district, which shall include encouragement of student achievement, the responsibilities of the Superintendent as set forth in the job description for the position of Superintendent, the district’s placement on the NJQSAC continuum (with respect to those DPRs that are within the Superintendent’s control), and such other criteria as the State Board of Education shall by regulation prescribe. In the event that the Board determines that the performance of the Superintendent is unsatisfactory in any respect, it shall describe in writing, and in reasonable detail, the specific instances of unsatisfactory performance. The evaluation shall include specific recommendations for improvement in all instances where the Board deems performance to be unsatisfactory. The Superintendent shall have the right to respond in writing to the evaluation; this response shall become a permanent attachment to the Superintendent's personnel file upon the Superintendent's request. The Superintendent shall be entitled to copies of all back-up materials utilized in the process.
Annual Evaluation. At least annually, Employer shall devote a portion of one meeting of Employer’s Board of Directors to an evaluation of Kanipe’s performance as measured against specific goals and objectives as established by Employer. If Kanipe is a member of the Board of Directors, he shall not be permitted to attend that part of any meeting at which his evaluation is being considered without invitation by a majority of the other Board members.
Annual Evaluation. 11.1 The purpose of the University evaluation procedure described herein is twofold: to facilitate the professional development of Bargaining Unit Faculty; and to inform decisions regarding merit pay, reappointment, dismissal, tenure, and promotion. In this Article, whenever a reference todepartment” is made, it shall be understood that this refers to the college in the College of Nursing and Health and the Lake Campus. For jointly appointed Bargaining Unit Faculty, “department” refers to the Member’s “primary” department, which is the academic unit in which a Member is appointed more than 50% (see Section 11.2.10).
Annual Evaluation. An annual evaluation is summative and is required for all instructional employees. The Instructional Practice Score reflects an employee’s overall performance and is limited to a specific contract year of observed performance.
Annual Evaluation. (1) The proposed written annual evaluation, including the faculty member's annual assignment which was furnished pursuant to section 10.3 (Annual Assignment) will be provided to the faculty member within forty-five (45) days after the end of the academic term during which such evaluation was made. The faculty member will be offered the opportunity to discuss the evaluation with the evaluator prior to its being finalized and placed in the faculty member's evaluation file.
Annual Evaluation. Employees are evaluated at least once annually, except as described in Sections 8.3(g) and (h).
Annual Evaluation. The Chancellor shall evaluate the President in writing at least once each year. The evaluation shall be based upon the requirements of this Agreement, established goals and objectives, the President’s job description, and any other criteria agreeable to the parties. As part of the evaluation process, the President will provide the Chancellor with an annual report regarding the State of the College. The President's evaluation shall be completed no later than June 30 each year.