GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTS. The governance arrangements shall be the same as those applicable to the XXX Xxxxx proposed to be made to ACBF to co-finance this Trust Fund. ANNEX 2 Standard Provisions applicable to the ACBF – PACT -- SMTP 2 Trust Fund This Annex shall be applicable to and form an integral part of all agreements entered into between the Bank and the Donors that provide Contributions to be administered by the Bank for the Trust Fund.
GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTS. 9.1 The Parties will work together to realise the goals and commitments made in this Agreement by each Party complying with the provisions of this Agreement and fulfilling their obligations as outlined in this Agreement.
GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTS. The NLAP will be supported by the Legal Assistance Services Inter Governmental Committee consisting of officials from the Parties. This Committee is supported by a National Legal Assistance Advisory Group, consisting of representatives from the national legal assistance sector, research bodies and other national bodies related to legal assistance. Officials from the Commonwealth will, within each jurisdiction and on a tripartite basis, meet annually with officials from the State and delegates representing each type of legal assistance provider individually to discuss issues relating to the NLAP. Enforceability of the Agreement The Parties do not intend any of the provisions of the NLAP to be legally enforceable. However, this does not lessen the Parties’ commitment to the NLAP. Review of the Agreement In accordance with Clause E23 of the IGA FFR, the NLAP is time limited. To assess the degree to which the agreed objectives and outcomes and/or outputs have been achieved, and inform decisions regarding the appropriate treatment following its expiry, an Independent Review of the NLAP will be scheduled to be completed approximately 18 months prior to its expiry. The NLAP is intended to provide funding for the delivery of legal assistance services which help vulnerable people facing disadvantage, who are unable to afford private legal services, to engage effectively with the justice system in order to address their legal problems. The Independent Review of the NLAP should, at a minimum, consider: progress towards achieving the overall objectives and outcomes of the NLAP; the appropriateness of the NLAP in achieving its objective and outcomes and delivering its outputs; and whether mainstream, specialist and Aboriginal and Xxxxxx Strait Islander specific legal assistance services funded under the NLAP have been delivered in an effective, efficient and appropriate manner. The Independent Review will be conducted by an appropriately skilled and qualified independent third party, including that the third party will be able to conduct a review in a culturally appropriate manner, or be able to work with, sub‑contract or partner with another entity that has this capability. The terms of reference for the Independent Review will be jointly developed by the Parties, in consultation with the National Legal Assistance Advisory Group. The Commonwealth will lead the management of the Independent Review, with key decisions to be made jointly by the Parties and in consultatio...
GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTS. 24.1 This protocol has been approved by Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Safeguarding Children Board.
GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTS. 5.1 The Joint Committee will utilise Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB’s Committee arrangements to assist it in discharging its governance responsibilities.
GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTS. The schedule will be managed through the quarterly Integrated Finance and Performance meetings which are part of the Integration Executive’s governance arrangements. Lead officers are named in Section 14.
GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTS. 7.1 For the purposes of this Agreement under Section 31 of the Health Act 1999, the Council and the Trust enter into this partnership in relation to the exercise of relevant NHS Functions and Local Authority Health Related Functions in order to bring about an improvement in the way these Functions are currently exercised.
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