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The Host. Institution We confirm that this proposed training programme is approved. On completion of the training programme the organisation will issue a Certificate of participation to the teacher Coordinator’s signature .............................................................................. Date: ................................................................... Institutional Coordinator’s signature ............................................................................ Date: .................................................................. PEACE Erasmus Mundus Lot 2 Project 2012-2618/001-001-EMA2 Funded by the European Union QUALITY COMMITMENT For Erasmus Mundus student, teacher and/or training placements This Quality Commitment replicates the principles of the European Quality Charter for Mobility THE HOME HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION UNDERTAKES TO: Define the learning outcomes of the placement in terms of the knowledge, skills and competencies to be acquired. Assist the teacher/student in choosing the appropriate host organisation, project duration and placement content to achieve these learning outcomes Select teachers/students on the basis of clearly defined and transparent criteria and procedures and sign a placement contract with the selected students. Prepare teachers/students for the practical, professional and cultural life of the host country, in particular through language training tailored to meet their occupational needs Give full recognition to the teacher/student for satisfactory completed activities specified in the Teacher/Student Agreement THE HOME AND HOST INSTITUTION JOINTLY UNDERTAKE TO: Negotiate and agree a tailor-made Teacher/Student Agreement (including the programme of the placement and the recognition arrangements) for each teacher/student and the adequate mentoring arrangements before every stay for education or training purposes. This Learning Agreement must describe the objectives and expected outcomes, the means of achieving them, and evaluation, and must also take account of reintegration issues Provide logistical support to teachers/students concerning travel arrangements, visa, accommodation, residence or work permits and social security cover or health insurance Monitor the progress of the placement and take appropriate action if required. Evaluate with each teacher/student the personal and professional development achieved through participation in the Erasmus programme THE HOST ORGANISATION UNDERTAKES TO: Assign t...
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The Host. Institution We confirm that this proposed training programme is approved. On completion of the training programme the organisation will issue a certificate of participation to the teacher Coordinator’s signature .............................................................................. Date: ...................................................................
The Host. Organisation The receiving organisation/enterprise will provide financial support to the intern for the internship: Yes  No  If yes, amount per month: The receiving organisation/enterprise will provide a contribution in kind to the intern for the internship: Yes  No  If yes, please specify: The receiving organisation/enterprise will provide appropriate support and equipment to the intern. Upon completion of the internship, the receiving organisation/enterprise undertakes to complete section 4 (Internship Certificate) within 5 weeks after the end of the internship.
The Host. DGS’s duties Following the Notification by the Home DGS, the Host DGS shall: - start preparing for a payout, as soon as the notification is received, ahead of receiving all the necessary information and funds; - provide a reasonable assessment of the payout costs as detailed in the H2C Rulebook; - prepare, test and secure the Exchange Mechanism for its part, including through a test Payment Instructions File; - carry out the Repayment of Eligible Depositors at the Relevant Branch as quickly as possible in the circumstances, following the Home DGS’s Payment Instructions and using the Payment Method; - strictly follow Payment Instructions and other instructions given by the Home DGS; - not pay compensation in respect of the Payout Event to any eligible depositor not included in a Payment Instructions File provided by the Home DGS; - identify and assign sufficient internal resources or subcontractors to execute the Repayment; - deploy the Communication Tools to Host media and Depositors in the Host Member State; - receive correspondence from Host Depositors on behalf of the Home DGS and forward it to the Home DGS; - answer to Host Depositors (as instructed by the Home DGS); - regularly communicate to the Home DGS in a documented manner about progress in relation to further repayments made after the expiration of the deadline set out in Provision 7.3c; - immediately inform the Home DGS of any event likely to prevent the Host DGS from executing the Payout Process or likely to result in a delay or in significant extra-costs; - after the Payout, document the results of the Payout, including the distribution and making of payments to depositors, communicate them to the Home DGS, report on any issues encountered with the payouts and provide the Home DGS with an assessment of areas of the process and of the Agreement or its supplemental terms to be improved for the future; and - provide reasonable access to its premises or other places of work to Home DGS’s representatives during the Payout Process. The Home DGS may request the Host DGS to provide additional Services as set forth in Provision 13.
The Host. Lead Authority shall indemnify and keep the Receiving Authority indemnified from and against each and every cost, claim, liability, expense or demand which is properly and reasonably incurred by the Receiving Authority in connection with or as the result of any act or omission by the Host / Lead Authority up to and including the Termination Date in connection with any matter relating to the Transferring Employees as follows:
The Host. Lead Authority shall each year provide to the Receiving Authority an estimated budget for the discharge of the Function and the delivery of the Services for the following financial year.
The Host. Lead Authority shall deliver to the Receiving Authority no later than seven days after termination any data held by the Host / Lead Authority relates to the discharge of the Function and the delivery of the Services for or by the Receiving Authority.
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The Host. A. Will be responsible for the student's employment, separation, fixing of hours of work, and other similar items associated with an employer-employee relationship.
The Host must immediately notify a Student and/or the JCU staff member (as applicable) and JCU if the Host becomes aware of:

Related to The Host

  • Misuse of Internet-based Services You may not use these services in any way that could harm them or impair anyone else’s use of them. You may not use the services to try to gain unauthorized access to any service, data, account or network by any means.

  • Web Hosting If Customer submits a Service Order(s) for web hosting services, the following terms shall also apply:

  • Duty to Provide Secure Data The Contractor will maintain the security of State of Florida data including, but not limited to, a secure area around any displayed visible data. The Contractor will also comply with all HIPAA requirements and any other state and federal rules and regulations regarding security of information.

  • Use of Services and Content 3.1 Sage Services are only available to bona fide end-users with a requirement for services of the nature of those that we provide. We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement without further liability to you where we have reasonable grounds to suspect that your use of the Sage Services is for competitive purposes (including competitive monitoring, assessment or otherwise).

  • Access to and Use of Content Customer has the right to access and use applicable Content subject to the terms of applicable Order Forms, this Agreement and the Documentation.

  • Information and Services Required of the Owner § 3.1.1 The Owner shall provide information with reasonable promptness, regarding requirements for and limitations on the Project, including a written program which shall set forth the Owner’s objectives, constraints, and criteria, including schedule, space requirements and relationships, flexibility and expandability, special equipment, systems, sustainability and site requirements.

  • SERVICES REQUIRED In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract, including all Contract Documents incorporated by reference, Vendor shall deliver throughout the term of the Contract including renewal or extension periods (if any), well plugging and related services (“Services”), including all labor, qualified personnel, management, coordination, equipment, materials, insurance, bonding, and incidentals to fulfill all requirements and deliver all goods and/or services required under the Contract in accordance with applicable method protocols, industry/trade best practices, and all rules, regulations, and laws related thereto. “Contract Documents” include:

  • XXX Hosting 10.1 XXX Hosting is not required for resale in the BellSouth region.

  • Use of Software Any software that is available on the Services ("Software") is the copyrighted work of Red Hat and/or its licensors. Copying or reproducing the Software to any other server or location for further reproduction or redistribution is strictly prohibited, unless such reproduction or redistribution is permitted by a license agreement accompanying such Software. You may not create derivative works of the Software, or attempt to decompile or reverse-engineer the Software unless otherwise permitted by law. Use of the Software is subject to the license terms of any license agreement that may accompany or is provided with the Software. You may not download any Software until you have read and accepted the terms of the accompanying software license. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, THE SOFTWARE IS WARRANTED, IF AT ALL, ONLY ACCORDING TO THE TERMS OF THE SEPARATE LICENSE AGREEMENT ACCOMPANYING THE SOFTWARE. EXCEPT AS WARRANTED IN SUCH LICENSE AGREEMENT, RED HAT, ITS PARENT, SUBSIDIARY, AND AFFILIATE COMPANIES, AND ITS LICENSORS DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS WITH REGARD TO THE SOFTWARE, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT, TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW.

  • The Web Services E-Verify Employer Agent agrees to, consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and policies, commit sufficient personnel and resources to meet the requirements of this MOU.

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