Necessary Information Sample Clauses

Necessary Information. 6.1 Each Fund will promptly deliver to State Street copies of each of the following documents and all future amendments and supplements thereto, if any:
Necessary Information. At all times that the Agreement is in effect, Customer may designate in a form provided by Xxxxxxx and returned to Verizon (all containing the same data elements listed below) up to three representatives (“CPNI Authorizers”) with the power to name Authorized Customer Representatives who may access CPNI under the XXXX as well as additional CPNI Authorizers. Additions or removals of CPNI Authorizers will be effective within a reasonable period after Xxxxxxx has received a signed writing of the change, including the affected person(s)’ name, title, postal address, email address and telephone number. The person who executes the Agreement or Order will be a CPNI Authorizer and xxx add or remove CPNI Authorizers for that Xxxxxxxx and for its Participating Entities.
Necessary Information. The Association agrees to furnish any information needed by the District to fulfill the provisions of this Article (2).
Necessary Information. In advance of the purchase of an annuity, you must provide us with the following information:
Necessary Information. Upon request by PalmWorks, the Companies will promptly furnish all information regarding the Companies and the Software which, in the reasonable judgment of PalmWorks, is necessary to enable PalmWorks to conduct its due diligence relating to the proposed Transactions. Each of the parties hereto shall furnish to the other all information concerning such party (including financial statements and statistical information) required for inclusion in any application or statement to be filed or made by the other party with or to any governmental agency or third party in connection with the proposed Transactions.
Necessary Information. The parties agree that the Association shall receive, upon reasonable notice, information necessary for the Association to exercise its responsibilities as exclusive representative, including a teacher's personnel employment statistics, disciplinary record or information as may be needed for grievance processing.
Necessary Information. Buyer will, as promptly as reasonably practicable, provide Manufacturer with all information reasonably requested by Manufacturer and necessary to fulfill its obligations hereunder. In the event that such information is not furnished in a timely manner, Manufacturer will notify Buyer of any such failure known to Manufacturer. Manufacturer will be under no obligation to Manufacture and supply products and services to the extent that such Manufacturing is materially and adversely impaired by the failure of Buyer to promptly provide such information.
Necessary Information. It is the client’s responsibility to provide LETP with the necessary information to prepare financial statements and/or to file tax returns. Client will provide all required information in writing as much as possible. It is recommended that clients maintain all records needed to substantiate income and deductions reported to government agencies, even if LETP does not require said documents in its preparation. We also recommend that clients back up all electronic documents, including information stored in accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero.
Necessary Information. Acquiror and Company will furnish each other with all information concerning themselves, their subsidiaries, directors, officers, and stockholders and other matters as may be necessary or advisable in connection with the Proxy Statement, or any other statement or application made by or on behalf of Acquiror or Company to any governmental body in connection with the Merger and the other transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
Necessary Information. The Services Buyers shall furnish TransTexas with all information, programs, know-how, methods or methodology within the Services Buyers' control as may be necessary or appropriate for the performance of the Services by TransTexas.