Use of Software Sample Clauses

Use of Software. Any software that is available on the Services ("Software") is the copyrighted work of Red Hat and/or its licensors. Copying or reproducing the Software to any other server or location for further reproduction or redistribution is strictly prohibited, unless such reproduction or redistribution is permitted by a license agreement accompanying such Software. You may not create derivative works of the Software, or attempt to decompile or reverse-engineer the Software unless otherwise permitted by law. Use of the Software is subject to the license terms of any license agreement that may accompany or is provided with the Software. You may not download any Software until you have read and accepted the terms of the accompanying software license. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, THE SOFTWARE IS WARRANTED, IF AT ALL, ONLY ACCORDING TO THE TERMS OF THE SEPARATE LICENSE AGREEMENT ACCOMPANYING THE SOFTWARE. EXCEPT AS WARRANTED IN SUCH LICENSE AGREEMENT, RED HAT, ITS PARENT, SUBSIDIARY, AND AFFILIATE COMPANIES, AND ITS LICENSORS DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS WITH REGARD TO THE SOFTWARE, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT, TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW.
Use of Software. CCH grants you the right to access and use the Software via the Website with the user roles according to your subscription type. This right is non-exclusive and non-transferable and limited by these Terms.
Use of Software. 3.1 We grant you the right to access and use the Service via the Website with the particular user roles available to you according to access type. This right is nonexclusive, non- transferable, and limited by and subject to these Terms of Use. You acknowledge and agree that, subject to any applicable written agreement between the Licensee and the Authorised Users, or any other applicable laws:
Use of Software. 1. If the scope of delivery of the order comprises of software, the ordering party shall be granted a non-exclusive right to use the supplied software including its documentation. It is delivered for use on the respective delivered object destined therefore. Use of the software on more than one system shall be prohibited. The ordering party shall only reproduce, edit or translate the software or convert the software from the object code into the source code within the framework admissible by law (§§ 40 et seq Copy Right Law 2121/1993). The ordering party undertakes to refrain from removing the manufacturer’s indications such as the copyright notice in particular or to refrain from changing them without the supplier’s express prior approval. The supplier and/or the software supplier reserve any other rights to the software and the documentation including copies. The customer shall not be permitted to grant sub-licenses.
Use of Software. Lessee's use of any software Products ("Software") provided under this Schedule shall be governed by the object code license accompanying such Software.
Use of Software. The GE Fund Products may use the Software during the term of this Agreement only on the Equipment to process the GE Fund Products’ and affiliates’ data for internal business purposes. No right is granted for use of the Software by any third party or by the GE Fund Products to process for any third party, or for any other purpose whatsoever, except as expressly provided in this paragraph. The GE Fund Products shall not modify, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the Software or otherwise attempt to derive source code from the Software without PFPC’s prior written consent.
Use of Software. Insofar as software is included in the scope of delivery, the Orderer shall be granted a non-exclusive right to use this software including its documentation. It is provided for use in conjunction with the specified delivery item only. The software shall not be used on more than one system. The Orderer may only duplicate, modify or translate the software or transcribe the object code into the source code to the extent permitted by applicable law (sections 69a et seq. German Copyright Act (UrhG)). The Orderer undertakes not to remove any manufacturer information, in particular copyright notices, nor to modify it without the express prior consent of the Supplier. All other rights to the software and documentation, including any copies that may exist, shall remain with the Supplier or the software supplier. No sublicenses shall be granted.
Use of Software. Insofar as software is included within the extent of supply, the customer is granted a non-exclusive and nontransferrable right to use the delivered software including its documentation. The customer undertakes not to remove the manufacturer's information – especially copyright notices – or to modify them without the supplier's express consent beforehand. All other rights to the software and documentation including copies remain with the supplier. The customer is prohibited from copying the software or from duplicating it in another way, as well as from making it accessible to third parties, to persons outside his company or to business enterprises, or both. Applicable law, place of fulfilment and jurisdiction (domicilium citandi et executandi) This agreement and the entire legal relationships of the parties are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany by excluding the UN purchase right (CISG). Pluederhausen at DE-73665 in Germany is the place of fulfilment and sole jurisdiction for all disputes that arise from this agreement.
Use of Software. During the Subscription Period, Customer has: (a) a non-exclusive, revocable, non- transferable, limited license to install or access the Software at Customer’s facility or at a Customer- controlled space within a third-party data center and (b) to use the Software, solely for Customer’s own internal business purposes and limited to the Licensing Metric and Subscription Period for which Customer has paid the applicable fees.
Use of Software. A. Licensee shall be permitted to transfer the Software and licenses granted with respect to the Software as set forth in Section XI below.